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  1. Decided to start skydiving earlier this year around the March/April timeframe. Figured that I already do enough "dangerous" stuff, what's one more on the list. Paid for my AFF upfront and got that knocked out no problem. It seemed that the dropzone I was getting my training at paid all the attention in the world to me while in my AFF progression and once I was on "solo student" status the accountability fell out. I am currently on jump 23 with only 1 coached jump and not for a lack of trying. At the DZ I got my AFF from, it seemed all the coaches wanted to do tandems or video for tandems and I just went about my merry way jumping solo. And, was told that I need more experience in the air before I can start learning more advanced maneuvers. I then decided to take what I learned to another DZ. At this new DZ I was initially welcomed with open arms and paired with static line and instructor assist students for some category ground training. I will say that the ST&A giving the instruction was rude, abrasive and very confrontational. He even booted one student from our "class" because he stated he was taught in the army to approach a helicopter from a 90 degree angle and just wanted clarification because the ST&A gloated about how far superior he was with his x,xxx jumps. I kindly mentioned that the tip path of a H-60 Black Hawk's main rotor can droop as low as 4 feet and that regardless of what direction you think you know, you should always take guidance and direction from the crew members of that particular airframe. We finished our "class" which was more or less us being told we are inferior students to his expertise. I learned nothing. But, did get one coached jump in, YAY! Made an appointment for the following weekend and left. In only 23 civilian freefall jumps ( I have over 60 military static line), I have jumped at 4 different dropzones and have had overwhelming conflicts with the bravado and cocky attitudes that most of the skydivers I have met carry. My latest "adventure"(the following weekend from a previously productive one) involved a 3 hour drive to the DZ with the abrasive ST&A. I arrived when they opened, got some category quizzes and showed the owner/instructor that I did the homework he asked of me, took my written test and passed, then was bounced around between several coaches, put on a weather hold (funny that tandems were still going up and coming down), then was told to get ready because I was manifested, then my coach vanished. At about the 6 hour mark I packed my stuff up and left. At this point I plan on obtaining my A license and walking away from this activity. At jump 23 I honestly cannot find the "fun" in belly flying and doing backflips until I am "cool" enough and can afford a pair of $300 freefly shorts(capris) to learn more advanced skills. I get more nervous and feel more alive before dropping in on a expert level downhill mountain bike trail than I do jumping out of an airplane. Heck, I still get to jump out of planes for work. I won't share the names of the dropzones afore mentioned out of respect for them as a business. I will just say that they are in the greater KY/TN region. To all of you avid skydivers; I wish you blue skies and full canopies.