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  1. After hiking I came to the assumption, if we don't push the envelope then we'll never have the opportunity to upgrade to a better mode of transportation.
  2. How much fuel is used to bring a plane to altitude and back to earth for an 8 passenger plane ( would that equate to a King Air?) and if that doesn't cover a King Air then how much might a King Air burn? Do you see in the future, the possibility of electric aircraft? Obviously within 100 years I could imagine something like that, but in the near future, I am keeping in mind that DropZones are using hand me down aircraft. That was my assumption at least.
  3. As the title says, my quest is for a magazine that a beginner could read and understand and well as learn from. I saw BlueSkies and Skydiver, but I think Skydiver was the only physical magazine. I know reading the forums is probably the best place to gain information, but I can never seem to pick the right topic to read. So, even though I won't discredit the forum, Is there a good magazine that has informative articles??
  4. On my first 2 or 3 IAD jumps, as I cannot remember how many I was able to complete. (I digress already) I had trouble with body position specifically my arch. As I was clinging for dear life to the strut of the aircraft. One issue I think I had was that my legs were not extended while hanging, thus I was not creating drag for a good exit.. Because. When I did let go, I basically fell like a ton of bricks. Mostly feet first. My arms were spread as I was instructed and the second and third time I remembered to keep my head back towards the horizon. But all of that did not stop my body from falling feet first.. Any suggestions or was it just the lack of freefall time coupled with the low drag from having my legs already curled back while hanging on the strut to help facilitate a good arch before exiting
  5. I figured I'd share a story, of where I am, where I've been, and where I plan on going. To begin, I was fortunate enough to get laid off, now I knew it was a seasonal layoff, but the state mandated that I was to continue persuit of a full time job. I got set up with the CareerLink and was able to obtain state funding to further my education. To be honest, I dropped out of college just before I turned 19, due to substance abuse and apathy towards my life I suppose. I then worked as a night stock clerk, then wound up using my parents savings to put myself through Wyotech to be an automotive technican. Got a job after Wyotech, selling service on cars. Didn't really like selling services plus my substance abuse problem wasn't over, got fired. Fast forward to present, I used state funding to get a CDL and signed on with Roehl Transport (pronounced "rail") and furthered my training with them. Currently I'm in a good situation, especially looking forward to finding a cheap ;) IAF course (I think Skydive Ricks in OH has a great price for an accelerated course by static line) Also I'll be able to save up for 20+ acres in my hometown I'm hoping... That would be a dream come true as well as making some improvements on my recently deceased Grandmothers house, to pass on to the future owners. I moved back in with my Grandma and for some reason I quit smoking Marijuana, can't say exactly why. But here I am, 3 weeks solo as an OTR (Over the Road) truck driver, and it can be nerve racking. If theres any truck drivers out there, I'm sure you can understand. So that's my story, I'm sort of bragging, but in the same respect I hope my story inspires something in someone to not quit, (that doesn't mean drugs or alcohol ;)) but take what you can from it and share in my good fortune Thanks for reading - Happy Easter
  6. Well I rescind my statement about making jumps in Glacier *not that I won't* Hopefully the NPS will change their minds about the recreation as well as the recreation changes its attitudes towards authority and the environment. I'm not a skydiver, more of an aspiring wanna be. So I come to you, hoping that someone can redirect me towards some pictures or websites of BLM/USDA Forest Service mountains in Wyoming/Montana. That would be amazing. I read in one post anything outside of the NPS it seems legal to make an "aerial delivery" if anyone can correct me on that, thanks. Sorry for the Hasty post Catch ya later
  7. What do you mean by that? I mean are you talking about the rock composition and abundance of cliffs?
  8. I have no experience. I have one tandem under MY belt. I have however been to Glacier National Park, and from what I recall, it has some majestic peaks. Has anyone or does anyone know of any footage that has been made on or in Glacier? More importantly is anyone interested in a so called boogie, or in my case a hypothetical 2-3 years out boogie? (I plan on being more involved on the forums) And possibly next year I want to revisit with my mom to scope out those peaks and their prominence.. I'm still paying off my supersport bike so at this point I cannot afford to sink any money into skydiving.
  9. With all the rage being gas prices these days, how much fuel is required to bring the plan up and back? Variations on aircraft type are entirely welcome.
  10. Well what can I say, I have to be up front about it.. You guys rock, its like, I went and reviewed one of my first posts. Found out someone suggested an alternative DZ only and additional hour away.... Turns out, this place might be loads cheaper than previously anticipated with my tandem DZ in mind.
  11. What can I say, I'm a lurker. Playing Syrnia, almost like Runescape if any of you old heads ever played that.... Assessed my life, glad I bought a motorcycle, not so glad I can't afford to get an A license. About to start a career in the Automotive field, dealership oil change/maintenance guru! That could turn out to be a plus. 90 Day probation and hopefully I get a raise LOL Excited for the future of E-Aircraft. Period. Any thoughts on any of these matters??
  12. Swoop: I live in PA, Georgia might be a bit far away And I decided to email them to find out about pricing. I neglected to ask if there were any packages available, as well as pricing on the post levl1-7 jumps.
  13. It's sad because I don't make a whole lot, but I think after that first jump I really fell in love with the feeling after landing. I also feel terrible, due to the fact that the DZ that I made my tandem with, has prices that are a little steeper than the few others I checked out. The licensing req's and prices I've seen are variable, especially prices when they lump catagory jumps per jump. From what I've read here, it seems that I'll need to save at least 2000 to fufill all requirements for said license.