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  1. im thinking either sebastian or clewiston, since ill be in the middle. which would you say has more wingsuiters? IHYD
  2. I just realized, we should really turn this game into "Who have you boned from DZ.com?" IHYD
  3. which of the 3 has the largest Wingsuit family? IHYD
  4. What dz do you fly at? IHYD
  5. so i am going to be in florida for a few days in february, i was going to go to Sebastian. I was wondering if there is much of a wingsuit group out there. IHYD
  6. Jbag


    id almost say you need a couple magnets per leg depending on the size of the wing. there is a lot of force on them when you are flying under the canopy, it may start to slip off in flight IHYD
  7. Doug, ill give you credit for giving the opportunity to a lot of jumpers to try out a wingsuit, but that's about all the credit. You act like a school yard bully throwing punches all day long and enforcing rules in the name of safety that dont actually make sense. Instead of instructing people how to jump you limit them in order to be "safe." You have always pushed the Phoenix-Fly line as hard as you could, throwing any other suit manufacturer under the bus first chance you have. You're like a school yard bully that finally got hit back and you ran to the teacher. maybe you should see the recommendation of Matt to not learn from you as a message instead of a credit. Just b/c your school has been established and you made your little army, doesnt mean you are the end all be all. This rant of yours sounds like your way to put down the competing wingsuit school that just recently opened. I really hope this is not the case, but knowing you, I wouldn't be surprised. Squirrel is the new up and coming wingsuit brand, in one season they have taken the market by storm and have released some awesome products and flown some insane lines. Instead of trying to be a wall, lets try and help out the entire community and further the tech and experience. People will go to Elsinore with a Squirrel Swift to learn how to wingsuit, figure out a way to teach them, dont try and sell them a different suit. IHYD
  8. looks like im coming with you! IHYD
  9. i'm about to break DZ.com. I am back on the boards. I am here to ensure that if you are a little self conscious about your boobies, i will look at them and rate them unbiassedly. as far as this thread goes, i would bone..Lucky, who the hell is on this forum still? IHYD
  10. Send me the naked pictures first and i will screen them to make sure they are ok for FB. i have a lot of experience with skirting the rules. ask anyone. IHYD
  11. you can visit my mother... IHYD
  12. i always thought i was just a walking violation...thanks, im glad you like my story NWF! IHYD
  13. Because this is your second warning, you won’t be able to post anything on Facebook for 24 hours. Note that your account could be permanently disabled if you continue to post things that violate our terms. IHYD
  14. who the fuck calls it a "pilot parachute?" IHYD
  15. FWIW my progression: *numbers are purely Sky jumps. birdman intro: 20 jumps P2: 125 jumps V3: 100 jumps Aura: 15 Not sure if its the best progresion, im sure i could have added a tony suit in there between the v3 and the aura but the transition and learning curve was minimal. the Aura is really easy to fly. IHYD
  16. Any noticeable fabric management difficulties when exiting something like a 152 in an aura/apache/etc? IHYD
  17. do you guys unzip the left or right leg first? IHYD
  18. yeah, if that could be written a bit more logically and in some sort of format, that would be greattttt. IHYD
  19. with 200 jumps i think a more fun progression might be a ghost 3 or havok. Even moving up to a v-series suit would be "safe." a p3 or swift would not be much of an upgrade, if you are going for an extremely slow progression, then cool. no judgements, but thought you should look into something bigger. IHYD
  20. i've been addicted. i even bought the full game. IHYD
  21. Squirrel Aura. i had no problem with the V3. I think i am going to go with a 24" it should still work =D. IHYD
  22. 1st, or second layer? +1 Thanks for the input guys, what size canopies are the suiters on at elsinore? do you only allow 150+ for wingsuits? IHYD
  23. cool. I was hoping that. the duct tape holding it together is starting to come off. IHYD
  24. Here is my dilemma, I am replacing my bridle/PC b/c i have a big wingsuit now and want a 9' bridle and my old PC is near dead. I jump a sabre 1 150 Do i get a 28" PC so it can grab more with the wingsuit and risk having hard openings without the suit. Or get a 24" as recommended for the size of the main. IHYD
  25. so far i've bought 3 suits...havent demod any of them :P IHYD