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  1. That is a highly negative view imho. Suck it up princess, you need to go watch a few carnage videos and realize the danger of the sport you are in I am alive when I leave the plane and I plan to stay that way until im on the ground , and should I lose consciousness or be unable to pull my handle , I will rely on my aad (as a backup) . IHYD
  2. so i have one, and i have a Mirage, what are all you Argus owners planning on doing with yours now that they are worthless? :( IHYD
  3. living here now, you can find a room for $500/month but its gonna be the crappy room in a house, but still a room and still able to bring bitches home to rail them on your futon! ive noticed that in pacific beach and ocean beach they have a lot of open room, it comes down to people dont want to live there for long so they are cheap and keep rotating. but have fun and good luck! IHYD
  4. if anyone is wondering...that guy is me! =D FIFY what did you fix to make it FIFY? IHYD
  5. if anyone is wondering...that guy is me! =D IHYD
  6. ....still waiting for news...want this place to open!!!! =D IHYD
  7. Jbag

    blue waffle

    google image search it, i dare you! IHYD
  8. i think i just creamed my pants a little. IHYD
  9. my time in i hovered at around 185 at 68" in the Marines...these charts are the worst idea ever b/c they do not take into account muscle. my friend who was at the gym EVERY day and weighed about 250 and had maybe 10% body fat was on fat boy PT program.... IHYD
  10. Jbag

    guess her muff!

    hahha yes! enjoy! i
  11. Jbag

    guess her muff!

    this is a little gem of a website =D NSFW http://guesshermuff.blogspot.com/ enjoy! IHYD
  12. mazal tov! that place sucks! lol...at least he didnt have to live with the sand fleas since its winter IHYD
  13. and the pool is super heated in the winter so just jump in! IHYD
  14. looking around you right now, what would you burn? i'll start: the neighbors car that never moves out of the 1 guest spot! IHYD
  15. that is sad :(...what replaced it for them? IHYD
  16. Jbag

    Liquid eyewear

    maybe ill do that, i havnt tried, was waiting for them to come to elsinore next, but i got the ones that have the titanium plates on the ear pieces and 1 ear broke off. IHYD
  17. Jbag

    Liquid eyewear

    i wish i never bought mine lol, same thing as gatorz, but gatorz fold IHYD
  18. Awww.... thanks for looking out!! A couple of my girlfriends thought they were funny because I had it in my hands when I walked into the restaurant, texting with the new guy, and then put it in my jacket pocket. That was when their fuckery began... A couple of the things they wrote on my Facebook could've really gotten me into trouble, I mean like getting dumped trouble, and it wasn't even true. After they gave me my cell back I was afraid to look to see if they texted him anything directly. They didn't. And I told them they were fucking lucky they didn't. How old are we again??? Paybacks are a bitch. calm down. IHYD
  19. didnt you just have one of these last year!?!?! IHYD
  20. you still 16 or something? capital one is for those people with zero credit, they have huge APR and small limits..and i guess they charge for that service that should be free. IHYD
  21. and iFran view is a good program that doesnt use too many resources and is easy to use. IHYD