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  1. Thank you so much, it's very kind of you
  2. Hello there. My 2 friends, who are Phoenix-Fly wingsuit coaches, asked me to translate from Italian into English the text they have already got on a stamp to be printed on students's logbook once they have successfully passed their wingsuit course. I translated it at the best of my knowledge, but I would appreciate if you could revise/correct the following text as if yourself would use it on a stamp for a US run wingsuit course Thanks so much Best Regards base689 The candidate has successfully passed the Phoenix-Fly First Jump Course, has proved to have learned the basics of safety with a beginner level wingsuit and has learned notions about the usage of intermediate level wingsuits. Stay safe out there Blue Skies and Soft Walls BASE #689 -
  3. Ah, ah, ah: sorry, that cannot be true
  4. Yes. They keep the high beam on to "protest" on you because they think that your "high beam" (which may be not the highest beam) is . In my country there is quite a number of cars that have got after-market xenon kits (which produce three times the light of standard low beam and twice the light of high beam) and "some" of this after-market xenon kits are quite , they shoot too high because of a not too professional assembling and/or SIMPLY that xenon kit is unsuitable for THAT reflector. Stay safe out there Blue Skies and Soft Walls BASE #689 -
  5. Hello Twoply. If you have got physical access to said arc, and so, in addition to x and y, you can take also the measurement of s, where s is the length of the arc (see atteached pciture), beyond the web sites suggested by our friends, there is the following (approximate) formula allowing you to easily calculate the radius R: R = s / sqrt(24 · (1 - y/s)) Stay safe out there Blue Skies and Soft Walls BASE #689 -
  6. In addition to the AC5XC information I posted above, I want to say the following. Depending on the environment you are in and/or what/where you are going to shoot, for my night urban action videos, I ended up using my Sony CX105 (fixed on my helmet with Cookie Liquid Flatlock) used in connection with (you can see it in my pictures above) E52 ACW Petzl Ultra Wide 300 lumen head lamp that I keep "permanently" on my FD. Such a head lamp has got a nearly 180° coverage, plus a frontal range of illumination of 60 m, it produces an embarrassingly strong white light all around for a distance in front of you, so that you can use ANY standard videocamera to shhot coluir videos also during night. The logic behind using a strong white light illumination for urban night videos is the following. Once we do all our preparatory stuff in total darkness, then 5 seconds before the jump of my friend jump I light up my Petzl head lamp does NOT reveal me/us too much in advance with respect to whuffos looking at us fly with an open canopy in urban environment. If they are not going to catch us because we are flying nighttime in the urban environment with a parachute, it is no (additional) danger if 5 seconds before the jump I light up a lighthouse on my head to shoot nice videos. In fact, they come SUPER night videos coming out in colour Stay safe out there Blue Skies and Soft Walls BASE #689 -
  7. For information: the ACD5XC cames with that strange black trapeze that someway somehow you must adapt to your "connection" system: I did a trapeze hole in the 5mm plexiglass base I made. Furthermore, originally there was no thread into that black trapeze: I did a 1/4"-20 UNC female thread into that black trapeze, so that in addition to those velcro straps, I also fixed the AC5XC with a standard 1/4" screw, using also a M6 - 30mm outer diameter washer Stay safe out there Blue Skies and Soft Walls BASE #689 -
  8. For about 145$ I bought Widlife Innovations Vantage AC5XC, which is a 720i lines night camera. Yes, it's all plastic. Yes, it does not look a incredibly professional videocamera. Yes, it's got quite crappy instructions. But for 145 $ it's an outstanding night camera. It's not written but it works as follows. In daytime it works as a standard colour videocamera and shoots nice videos. In nighttime, it understands there is no light, it activated its 8 infrared LED's around the lens and starts shooting a monocromatic video (black&white with shades of gray). Yes, it is up to 3-5 m away, but for a 145$ night vision videocamera I wouldn't ask for (much) more
  9. base689


    My case (which must NOT be considered "the rule" but still it is what it is) is the following: Took the measurements and placed the order at the end of first decade of may 2011. Got my V4 at the beginning of 3rd decade of november 2001: about 6.5 months Stay safe out there Blue Skies and Soft Walls BASE #689 -
  10. A friend of mine is 45 kg - 99.2 lb - (about) 1.50 m - 4'11"
  11. Actually it is the other way around At a certain point, Birdman got no more to develop new wingsuits, for a while they kept on manufacturing (and selling) the wingsuits, knowing perfectly well that in a while they would have stopped selling wingsuits: so, using their brand name, they started producing general clothing AT THE SAME time they were keeping on producing and selling wingsuits. Nowadays, Birdman sells only general clothing. Stay safe out there Blue Skies and Soft Walls BASE #689 -
  12. No, I do a packing which involves 5 layers folded in S-fashion. In any case, when you order an mPOD, you have to write the manufaturer, type and size of parachute PLUS the 3 dimensions (width, height and "thickness") of your present POD, and I think the manufacturer does build up an mPOD that, when closed with magnets, has got the exact same dimensions as your original POD. The problem is that with normal POD you can deflate parachute "so-and-so" and in any case you start putting folded parachute into the POD and you can continue deflating it with the locking stows kept in position by rubber bands. Packing into the mPOD, you MUST deflate the parachute MUCH BETTER because if you don't deflate the parachute the magnets CANNOT keep the lid closed. Once you pay attention to deflate your parachute at the best you can, then packing into the mPOD becomes easy again. Stay safe out there Blue Skies and Soft Walls BASE #689 -
  13. It means lazybag has got 8 magnets instead of 12 of mPOD. So the weight of lazybag and the weight of mPOD are very, very similar
  14. Yes, LazyBag is lighter than mPOD, but only of a very small amount, in a way that you can hardly say "mPOD is heavier that LazyBag". I found on eBay neodimium magnet 20x20x3 mm - 9.1 g - 4.2 kg attraction force that "should" be what are used in the mPOD. So, an mPOD has got 12 neodimium magnets and so the 12 magnet contribute to increase the weight of the mPOD of: 12 x 9.1 g = 109.2 g, let's say 110 g = 0.11 kg for semplicity. So mPOD is 110 g heavier of an (hypotethical) ; for example, a standard POD comes with 4 grommets that weigh (lets' say) 5g/each, that is 20 g total. Lazy bag comes with 2 grommets (10 g) plus some "extra" (with respect to standard POD) weight due to the tuck tabs, how much? 10 g? This makes 20 g heavier with respect to a . So, in the end, when our PC at terminal has got a pulling force of 20 kg to 30 kg (to extract pin and lift bag with canopy inside), pulling an extra weight of 90 g = 0.09 kg is simply a neglectable issue