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  1. palejo

    Venom DOM

    Yes I did ask and send pics about 3 days ago but not reply so far Alejandro B27585
  2. palejo

    Venom DOM

    Hi guys, anyone have an idea what DOM is this one? It is a Venom (no Venom Power) with Serial 148 and DOM 50. I'm attaching pics of label and suit. Thank you, Alejandro Alejandro B27585
  3. Is it safe to remove the screws and back plate of this altimeter to attach alti to mudflap mount or chest pillow mount? See pic of Altimeter I'm talking about. Thank you Alejandro B27585
  4. Scam continues, now with price even lower.;d=1 Alejandro B27585
  5. I came across a ff suit for sale, 2-piece Liquid Sky with some options like reinforced knees. Owner says it is like new and looks fine in the pics. It is about 2 years old and a handful of jumps. He is asking $300 USD. I know brand new + options they price above $500. Is $300 a fair price? Alejandro B27585
  6. The seller did the same thing with me, he replied to say the previous buyer had fallen through and if I was still interested. He probably responded to everyone but people walked away because he is not sharing serial number. That is a big red flag Alejandro B27585
  7. This rig in the Classifieds seems suspicious:;d=1 I emailed the seller asking for info on the rig and he refuses to send serial number. The post does not include Serial Number. The user is registered since 2011 but who knows. Just be aware. See attachment for the seller reply to my inquire. I already reported it that it might be a scam. Alejandro B27585
  8. There are 7 pages of reviews of the Pilot in general all there. So there may be something of use in there but it will take some searching. Did you have something in particular in mind? I want to order one. Also read all the pages here about the topic and found some mixed opinions about durability, elasticity, weaker flare compared to ZP version. In general the positive opinions about ZPX prevail in the forums. Alejandro B27585
  9. I have some experience with a Pilot 168 ZP and love the canopy. Never jumped a ZPX but have heard some people at my DZ and here in the forums with concerns about the material handling and performance. Any good or bad experiences someone would like to share here? Alejandro B27585
  10. My first container was a Wings W14, I ordered for a Sabre 1 190 and Tempo 170, it was a good fit. Later I tried a Sentry 170 and it fitted fine too. The last main I had with that container was a Safire 2 159 (with the Tempo 170) also good fit, so in my experience it was a good size container for me as a newbie and later on as I downsized from 190 to 159. Alejandro B27585
  11. Check with MEL from Skyworks Parachute Service. He will make you one. His contact info: Skyworks Parachute Service 2222 Buffalo-West Springs Highway PO Box 507 ( Use This Only If Mailing through United States Postal Service) Buffalo, SC 29321 864-429-8428 Shop 864-426-3040 Cell Alejandro B27585
  12. Any reviews from actual flyers using the HUD. I did a search and didn't find much on reviews. I've seen people selling them here on Classifieds and Ebay. Was it a money well spent? Alejandro B27585
  13. Maybe I'm too picky but I did consult my rigger and Aerodyne rigger and they both agreed that a repair was needed. A small hole anywhere else in the canopy can stay the same for many jumps but on a loading area of the canopy it can get big. Alejandro B27585
  14. I sent it yesterday to Aerodyne, can't take pics now but I did check inside on both side cells and found not damage to ribs, tape and cross ports, only on the top skin due to the overstitch. I brought it to Aerodyne myself for repair, they will remove the attachment point webbing and apply some extra reinforcement tape inside the cell and reattach the webbing. I have never seen this type of damage before even on old canopies with lots of wear. This canopy DOM is 2008 and has less than 100 jumps. The damage is obviously not from abuse but from the manufacturing process when they over stitch the attachment point past the edge of the reinforcement tape under it. I'm attaching the same pic but better illustration of the damage area. The rip is pretty small, about the size of a square but it can get really big on deployment or while towing even a collapsed PC. Alejandro B27585
  15. I'm attaching the same pic with a circle around the area, the white that you see inside the circle is the reinforcement tape inside the cell. It is just a small rip caused by the thread going through, nothing big but this area goes thru a lot of stress. Alejandro B27585