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  1. Hello! I am a skydiver from Virginia who just recently got his A license. I only have 40 jumps. I'm now getting my own gear as I am wasting lots of money renting every weekend! for the record I am a 5'10" male weighing 165-170# slim average build. As I said I'm getting my own gear and was going to buy all used but was lucky enough to receive a 50% off a new wings container of my choice. Now I know that you have to go straight through the manufacturer so the base price is $2000 so I am looking at a grand plus shipping and hackey and what not. Then I was going to fill it with a used main, reserve and AAD for now. I had a few questions listed below that I was hoping some people on here could help me with. - I am looking to jump a 190 for a while until I improve my canopy skills and take a few course before thinking about downsizing. What size container can I get? One the goes from 190 down to a 170? - As for the colors...I'm not really interested in getting super fancy with it and want to save money for other items like an audible and the parachutes. What color does the mid flaps and pinstripes come in if you don't want to pay the extra option price for this? White? - What type of rings do I get? Mini ring type 17, mini ring type 8 or large rings? Also what size risers 18, 20, 22, 24? -Since I'm such a new jumper should I worry about paying the extra $150 for articulated harness? I plan on getting intro freeflying down the road but my city just built a brand new wind tunnel and I plan on learning my freeflying skills there. Any help will be very much appreciated! I plan on ordering the container this week or next and then while waiting for delivery start looking for canopies! Blue Skies!
  2. Yes this was exactly my thoughts. Since there are 4 of us who will be getting our licenses at the same time we would probably keep it a 2 at a time thing and definitely have my coach friends jump along with us making it a 3 way so we can learn more about jumping in groups. Eventually we will all four jump together! I've learned that patience is a huge aspect in the sport of skydiving. It's good to always have something to work towards in the sport of skydiving though!
  3. Yes, I am in the USA. Thanks for the helpful information!
  4. Hello all! I am recently new to skydiving and have been working through my AFF training. I am scheduled to do my final category jump this weekend followed by a few coach jumps! So far I completely love the sport and it is all I can think about all week at work while I wait patiently to jump the next weekend. I love learning new things every time I jump and the "family" at my local dropzone are the coolest group of people I have ever met. My question is fairly simple. I have a few friends who are going through the training with me and we all hope to finish our 25 jumps and obtain our A Licenses within the next few months (weather permitting). After obtaining your A License are you allowed to jump a 2 way with a friend who has also just obtained his license as well? I read on another forum that you should only jump with a well experienced diver for a while before jumping with other beginners. I know a 4 way with 4 newly licensed skydivers is a recipe for disaster but was just wondering if at this time I'd be able to jump with my best friend who I've known my whole life just me and him. We were just looking forward to the interaction in freefall together. Thanks a lot for any information! Blue skies!