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  1. Wow...its been a long day. I even took a second to proof read it. Clearly, not. YES! I meant The drawstring slider.
  2. Who makes the risers that collapse with the two pull drawstrings? Thanks
  3. I'd appreciate if anyone can shed some light on his for me. If I have a USPA 'A' license, what is the process to now going to get my CSPA 'A'? I've heard: -none of it applies, you have to start over for CSPA -some of the previous jumps and experience can be used, it depends on the logbook examiner / luck -you just need to do the two RW coach jumps, all your previous jumps count And finally..I was told if you have a USPA "B", you can apply right away for a CSPA 'A'. There's alot of BS info going around and everyone seems to be saying something different. Anyone care to shed any light...personal experience perhaps?