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  1. Thanks to everyone that has done the questions so far.. keep them coming. To everyone else this study is based on Zuckermans Sensation Seeking Form V, its a forced answer style questionnaire to make people question themselves. I am aware that this doesnt fit in with the world today but it's the most relevant for the study. For the people that can't pick one or another, it says at the top "In some cases you may find items in which you do not like either choice. In these cases mark the choice you dislike least". I know its hard but it goes towards a good cause 'my university grade' :) Thank you again for taking the time to fill it in.
  2. Hi, Im a student studying BSc Sport and Exercise Science. And am researching sensation personality traits in skydivers. All that you need to do if you wish to participant is follow the link below and answer 40 multiple choice questions. Anyone aged 18+ is welcome to take part, but please ensure that you read the first paragraph and understand it as this acts as your consent form for the study Thank you to however decides to take part.[url]