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  1. And here's more! Jump tickets are $25, or you can buy one of our block jump packages. It's $500 for 22 jumps or $1,000 for 46 jumps. Refer to our other note about the manifest policies to help you get on loads in a speedy fashion. EVENT SCHEDULE Thursday, October 3, 2013 7:30 AM: Office is open - get registered if you aren’t already! 7:45 AM: Sisters in Skydiving Yoga with Stacey 8:00 AM: Skills Camps kick off FS Camp with JaNette and Steve Lefkowitz (intermediate and advanced camps) - $150 includes boogie registration Vertical Skills Camp with Domi Kiger and Sharon Har-Noy - $150 includes boogie registration Wingsuit Skills Camps with the Skydive Elsinore Wingsuit School - $150 includes boogie registration. Two different camps, wingsuit vertical transitions and wingsuit docking. 9:00 AM: Organizers available for peeps not in skills camps FS: Sydney Williams FF: Laura Wagner, Paige Milligan SUNSET: Hit N Chug 7:30 PM: Dinner available for purchase from Tony 8:00 PM: Super Sweet Beer Pong Tournament with Scott Duncan and Brian Ake Friday, October 4, 2013 7:30 AM: Office is open - get registered if you aren’t already! 7:45 AM: Sisters in Skydiving Yoga with Stacey 8:00 AM: Skills Camps kick off Day 2 of FS Camp with Steve and JaNette Day 2 of Vertical Skills Camp with Domi and Sharon Day 2 of Wingsuit Camps 9:00 AM: Organizers available for peeps not in skills camps FS: Tracy Bohm, Sydney Williams, Barry Williams, Brian Krause FF: Laura Wagner, Paige Milligan TBA: Helicopter loads kick off! $65/jump - must be B-license qualified (at least 50 jumps, have completed water training and the canopy control proficiency card) SUNSET: Hit N Chug AFTER SUNSET: Dinner available for purchase from Tony, beer flowing, LIVE MUSIC: Andy Malchiodi & Arson Academy Saturday, October 5, 2013 7:00 AM: Office is open 7:00 AM: Sisters in Skydiving Breakfast available for purchase 7:45 AM: Sisters in Skydiving Yoga with Stacey 8:00 AM: Organizers are here! FS Organizers JaNette Lefkowitz Tracy Bohm Sydney Williams Brian Krause Barry WIlliams Steve Lefkowitz Chuck Reilly FF Organizers Domi Kiger Sharon Har-Noy Laura Wagner Paige Milligan Andy Malchiodi Damien Germano Andy Locke Wingsuit Organizers Andreea Olea Douglas Spotted Eagle Oliver Finkelde Video/Pics David Sands Brian Binder 10:00-ish AM: SkyVan is here! SUNSET: Hit N Chug 7:30 PM: Magical Night Swoop Show - get ready! 8:30 PM: Dinner is served, make sure you have your dinner ticket! 9:00 PM: Legendary theme party in full effect. What is the theme, you ask? Nightmare on Cereal Street. Best costume wins a FREE CURV from Rigging Innovations! Photobooth action. Sweet tunes from Moo. Be there. Sunday, October 7, 2012 7:00 AM: Office is open 7:00 AM: Sisters in Skydiving Breakfast available for purchase - We know that the party on Saturday is outrageous. That’s what breakfast is for. Let Tony’s deliciousness cure everything you’ve got going on this morning. 7:45 AM: Sisters in Skydiving Yoga with Stacey 8:00 AM: Organizers are here. Costume jumps, anyone? 1:00 PM: Silent Raffle starts - check the board to see if you won! Incredible prizes available from the manufacturers who have joined us to support this awesome occasion. 3:00 PM: Draw-till-you-win Raffle. Any unclaimed prizes from the silent raffle are up for grabs. We’ll draw till we find a winner! More info will be added to the Facebook event page as the event develops - full on incredible times coming your way. Seriously. ARE YOU REGISTERED YET? Call 951.245.9939 to beat the lines in the office! Have any questions about the stuff up there? Have some pictures you'd like to share or maybe a story we should include? Email Sydney: Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  2. Skydive Elsinore’s 12th Annual Skydiving Chicks Rock Boogie is on the books for October 3-6. This is where all skydiving worlds collide in one epic, extravagant, exceptional weekend of education, fun, and awesomeness. Everyone will be here, and we want you to be a part of every single second of it! Registration is $45 and scores you a sweet t-shirt, boogie bag, organizers during the entire event, ticket to our MONSTER raffle on Sunday, dinner on Saturday night, and of course, all of the legendary Chicks Rock action every night after we're done jumping. Call 951.245.9939 or swing by the office to register! THEME: A Nightmare on Cereal Street - that's right, all things horror are a total go for costumes. Your favorite character from your favorite horror flick, zombies, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, ANYTHING GOES. Saturday night, Rigging Innovations is sponsoring a costume contest. There is a FREE CURV up for grabs for the winner. More info coming soon about the costume contest, but start catching up on your favorite scary characters. SKILLS CAMPS! Check out the details below and email Sydney ( if you have questions! -Vertical Skills Camp with Donagene Jones and Sharon Har-noy! This year we're bringing down two of the most badass ladies in the sequentials scene for the vertical skills camp. This camp runs Thursday/Friday of the boogie and costs $150, which includes your boogie registration (see deets below for what that includes), video and sweet coaching action from one of the hottest lady flyers in the freefly scene. More information available at -Formation Skydiving Skills Camp with JaNette Lefkowitz! SDC Rhythm XP's leading lady, JaNette, is ready to rock your belly flying world. This skills camp also runs on Thursday/Friday of the boogie and costs $150, which includes your boogie registration, video, and insane coaching from one of the top belly flyers in the country. More information available at -Wingsuit Skills Camps! You're a wingsuiter. You want to work on those vertical transitions or docking with your fellow winged friends. We have two camps, designed for just that - one for vertical transitions, one for docking! Join us on Thursday/Friday of the boogie and get yourself some insane wingsuit coaching for the low-low price of $150, which includes your boogie registration, and video. More information available at: -California Vertical Record Tryout with Andy Malchiodi! For those of you yearning for your moment in history with a team of badass freeflyers, this is your time to shine. Andy will be hosting a CA Vertical Record Tryout during the Thursday/Friday of the boogie. If you're wondering if you're ready to get in on this action, get in touch with Andy. This is a tryout - not a skills camp. If you're on your head and you're looking to achieve Ninja Status, get on board for Donagene's camp! CONFIRMED ORGANIZERS ==Freefly== - Donagene Jones - Sharon Har-noy - Laura Wagner - Paige Milligan - Andy Malchiodi - Damien Germano - Andy Locke ==Formation Skydiving== - JaNette Lefkowitz - Tracy Bohm - Sydney Williams - Brian Krause - Barry Williams - Steve Lefkowitz ==Wingsuits== - Andreea Olea - Douglas Spotted Eagle - Oliver Finkelde ==Pictures & Video== David Sands Brian Binder CONFIRMED VENDORS Sun Path Products, Inc Performance Designs LiquidSky Sports Sky Systems USA Rigging Innovations Vigil AAD UPT Vertical Suits Infinity Rigs Cookie Composites Icarus Canopies Come join us! :) Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  3. UPDATE! The helicopter will be flying on Friday afternoon, Oct 5th. Jump tickets are $65. They are pre-manifesting the helicopter loads, so give the office a call if you are interested. Skydive Elsinore (951) 245-9939 Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  4. October 4-7 11th Annual Skydiving Chicks Rock 2012 is COMING! Theme: Rockabilly Boogie - Punks & Pinups. That's right. Get to work on those costumes, folks, because it's going to be EPIC. Skydive Elsinore’s 11th Annual Skydiving Chicks Rock Boogie is on the books for October 4-7! Where all skydiving worlds collide in one epic, extravagant, exceptional weekend of education, fun, and awesomeness! Everyone will be here, including you! Registration - $45 Gets you a t-shirt, boogie bag, organizers, dinner and beer. Schedule (always updating, so check back!) Thursday/Friday: FS Skills Camp with Hannah Betts - $150 includes your registration for the boogie. Requirements: 100 jumps, ability to track decently, Basic FS experience, i.e have participated in 4 way jumps and can successfully take docks etc. Access to suit with grippers helpful! Women's Vertical Record Camp with Melissa Nelson - $150 includes your registration for the boogie. For more info about the Women's Vertical Record camp requirements, email Saturday/Sunday: full-on boogie action! Saturday Night: Epic costume party (Punks & Pinups) Confirmed Organizers: - Hannah Betts, FS World Champion - Tracy Bohm, FS - representing the midwest! - Deb Correia, FS - Snohomies come on doooown! - Melissa Nelson, FF - Hosting Women's World Record Training Camp - Angela Pudenz, FF - local Elsinore freefly goddess! - Laura Wagner, FF - bringing some East Coast love to sunny SoCal. - Andreea Olea - Wingsuit - SVCO Instructors Zach Sabel and Ryan Risberg - and a bajillion more to come! Confirmed Manufacturers: - SunPath (Javelin containers) - Mirage - Performance Designs - Cookie - UPT - Vigil - SkyVenture Colorado - Inifinty Rigs - LiquidSky - Liquid Eyewear - and a bajillion more to come! More info to come as the event develops - stay tuned! Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  5. It's better if you register by phone. Then you avoid the long, last minute line. When you get here, go to the office and give them your name and you'll be done.
  6. May 4 at 9:00am until May 6 at 9:00pm Get ready! Bridge the Gap is all about learning a ton, making new friends, and bridging the gap: between you and your gear, between you and your coaches, between FS and freefly... we want to help you get to where you want to go in the sky! $45 registration fee gets you a sweet t-shirt, amazing coaching action all weekend long, and a raffle ticket for awesome prizes from the generous vendors! Free first flight course on Thursday, May 3rd before the event starts. If you have at least 200 jumps and want to learn how to wingsuit, come out a day early and we'll get you matched up with a coach! Save the date! More information coming as we get it - vendors, coaches, fabulous prizes, super sweet skydiving action. It's all here. And you should be too! Confirmed Coaches (with many more on the way!): - Elsinore Honey Badgers Chad Ross, Bryan Gile - Nathan Smith - Chuck Reilly - DSands Confirmed vendors: - SunPath (makers of the Javelin containers) - Performance Designs - Mirage Systems - SkyVenture Colorado - Adrenaline Obsession Super sweet prizes up for grabs: (and more on the way!) - Certificate for 30% off a new Mirage - Sweet Adrenaline Obsession swag - Ridiculously awesome t-shirts - CYPRES Maintenance Vouchers - MUCH MORE ON THE WAY! Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  7. Whoohoo Only 2 more days. Confirmed aircraft: 3 Otters Skyvan Helicopter on Sunday morning. See you there! Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  8. LisaH

    Robyn Dahler (skyflower_bloom)

    Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  9. LisaH

    Robyn Dahler (skyflower_bloom)

    RIP, Robyn. Your infectious laugh and goofiness will be missed and never forgotten. My thoughts are with Braeden and the entire family. Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  10. Update - MASSIVE WINGTIME with Andreea Olea and DSE! Phoenix-Fly sponsoring Demo Suits, warmups for the USA Performance Cup, speed and distance run! Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  11. You'll have no problem finding a ride. Post when you are coming in.
  12. The 10th Annual Skydiving Chicks Rock 2011 is HERE! 29 Sept - 2 Oct 2011 Heaven and Hell (Theme) That’s right, Skydive Elsinore’s 10th Annual Skydiving Chicks Rock Boogie is here! September 29 - October 2nd! Where all skydiving worlds collide in one epic, extravagant, exceptional weekend of education, fun, and awesomeness! Everyone will be here......Including you! Get Signed up for the Pre-Camps! (Sept. 29-30) FF Back by popular demand, we will kick off with a Women’s Vertical Skills Camp. This year Melanie Curtis and Melissa Nelson are back, along with Kim Winslow, all Women's Vertical World Record organizers leading this camp! The bigger group will be bigger-way head-down skydives and skills, while we will also accommodate smaller head-down groups for those ladies who can fly head down, but are just starting to fly in groups. Registration for this camp is $150 for both days, you pay for your jump tickets, and all coaching and video included! This also includes the $45 boogie registration... ridiculous value, ridiculous fun. Call the office to sign up. (951) 245-9939. FS On the FS side this year we have Hannah Betts, one of the most badass women belly flyers out there! Leading a FS camp up to 16-ways maximum, you'll have her ear and eyes for two full days to learn the basics and intermediate skills that come with doing bigger belly-ways. Registration for this camp is also $150, and also includes video and fees and the weekend boogie registration! Super value! Call the office to sign up. (951) 245-9939. Thursday night it's the Night Swoop practice swoops for Saturday night's show... bonus entertainment for everyone who comes early. Email if you know you can hang. Limited slots available, and only capable pilots allowed to participate. Of course all our amazing event sponsors will again be out in force, donating killer prizes to make up the best event raffle every year.... Performance Designs, Mirage, Cypres 2, Cookie, Liquid Sky, UPT, Tony Suits, Icarus, and MORE!!! Naked Vertical World Record! (Friday - Sept 30) Andy Malchiodi is putting all “skin in the game” again this year by organizing and establishing a new un-official Naked Vertical World Record. The previous world record of 9 is the number to beat! Andy hopes to shatter this record by at least 6” this year! Please email Andy at: if you are interested in participating. Starts 1pm Friday, will do two clothed attempts, and two official attempts. Of course ladies participating in the Head Down camp CAN participate in the record if they want! Saturday - Sunday: FULL TILT BOOGIE - Chicks Rock Style All incredible organizers out in force, chicks and dudes alike. Andy Malchiodi, Lou Ascione, Jared Foti, just to name a few! The jumping is gonna go off. No matter what your skill level, beginner to badass, we got someone for you. Everyone is welcome, and everyone will get airtime.. don't be shy.. really, everyone is welcome! :)) Saturday night kicks off with the Night Swoop Show! Badass canopy pilots swoop the pond under the big lights to kick off the festivities……. Of course, as we all know, as the masses post on facebook in the most ridiculous and awesome pictures of the year...... yeah, I'm talking about the CHICKS ROCK THEME PARTY!!!! Whether you've been or not, you already know EVERYONE goes huge, EVERYONE dresses up, and EVERYONE has the time of their lives at the party of the century. This year's theme, Heaven and Hell is up to you....... good or evil, white or black, yin or yang, angel or demon, wings or horns........ which one you gonna be? Either way, see you in the photo booth, baby. We always aim to get a sweet helicopter for Sunday jumping, so stay tuned for confirmation on that! And don't forget, Fiona Horne will be leading us in AM Yoga every boogie day! She's the best, and her sessions are definitely the best way to get stretched out and ready for the sky! :)) Rego for Chicks Rock is $45. It’s been that for years now and the DZO’s won’t up it because they always want this event to be easy for peeps to attend. That includes a ton of stuff too… coveted boogie-T, goodie bag full of cool stuff and manufacturer give-aways, raffle ticket, dinner ticket, boogie beverages, all the organizing you can get, and a weekend of skydiving love like no other. Just the way we roll at Skydive Elsinore, yo. More info to come as the event develops!!! Call now to get your slot in the pre-camps! Those slots are limited, and will go fast! (951) 245-9939. Pre-registration really helps us too, so call to register early! Not only will pre-registration guarantee you get the shirt-size you want, one of the first 100 peeps to register will win a super-sweet prize! Do it. Call now. Any questions, hit up Skydive Elsinore or Melanie Curtis on facebook, or Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  13. LisaH

    Curious about injuries

    Nice, that's very quick healing time for an ankle fracture. That is not nearly enough healing time for an ankle fracture. It should be months, not weeks. Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  14. Aug 5-7, 2011 Info via Melanie Curtis Yo team.. the humongo waterslide is back.. this event is about being hot and getting wet, and enjoying all the totally obvious double-entendres that come about when talking about that sort of thing. Melanie Curtis, Brad Cole, Lou Ascione, and more will be organizing! Freefly, belly, shorts-n-tshirt tracks, bikini-ways, hybrids, ETC! Local wingsuit contingent will be out in force as well, come join in! Jumps and Jungle Fever is the theme. Photo booth, jumpfest, boozefest, BONEanza. Who's comin'? Call the office to sign up, (951) 245-9939. Registration is $30 for your boogie shirt, the big party, and all the sky organizing you can get. See you there!!! Booyah. Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  15. LisaH

    Injury and AFF

    I totally agree with this. My instructors wouldn't even let me do a tandem when I was injured. Slow your roll, girl. I know who you are. Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  16. UPDATE: Via Melanie Curtis Bridge The Gap is one of the BEST events ever-- it's all about education, the registration is only $45, which gets you the event shirt, and ridiculous amounts of coaching over two days (probably 3, Brad Cole is likely adding a Friday bonus coaching day to this event this year, no kidding!), canopy seminar Saturday night, access to all the equipment demos-- Every company that comes also donates sweet prizes to the event raffle! Basically this event is a give-back that Skydive Elsinore puts on every year. PD canopies, Mirage rigs, Liquid Sky Suits, and Cookie Helmets are all confirmed for BTG! Just updated the event, check it, and new jumpers, get your butts out here for this! It's a give-back event, which is why it's so cheap.. coaches donate their time, manufacturers give prizes to the raffle, the dz covers the coaches slots... yeah, can't get this value anywhere else. One place, once a year. Call the office to sign up! Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  17. May 7 & 8, 2011 Passing on the information. Come on out!
  18. Will someone be kind enough to take me off of the list. I don't know how to do that line through it thing. Thanks! Have fun everyone!
  19. Put me back on the maybe list. Be yourself! MooOOooOoo
  20. LisaH

    Jordan Emrick ash dive

    It was a very nice tribute. His family is wonderful.
  21. I guess I might just have to break my 2hour drive rule so I can visit with you... It will be wonderful to see you again.
  22. Oh dear. I'm gettin' scared now. Be yourself! MooOOooOoo