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  1. Probably a student that thought that was the whole idea.
  2. cocheese

    12 years of Post Whoring. Wow..

  3. cocheese

    1st Time Cruise Advice

    High maintenance. Just cruise.....
  4. cocheese

    1st Time Cruise Advice

    Darling McSwervy, sorry about your dive buddy. But here is some advice that nobody gave you. Absorb the blueness of the sea from all around the ship. Spend as much time outside as you can. Do the bridge tour. Hit as many midnight buffets as you can. Leave all your valubles at home. If i had a passport,... we would get in trouble.
  5. cocheese

    Buying my own rig for AFF

    Sweetie, I tell people with money that there is no reason not to have the best gear money can buy. And the best training as well. Please invest in time at a dz even if it means travel etc. Would you want your instructors to learn everything from the internet instead of real experience before they send you out the door? Start planning a jump vacation today. Time tics fast. Lots of love.
  6. cocheese

    Buying my own rig for AFF

    Spend more time at the dz than this website. You have way too many posts for an unlicensed jumper. Don't even waste time replying to me.
  7. cocheese

    Detroit Photo Tours?

    So bad, he vacations in Detroit. Remind me not to piss you off.
  8. Take two handfuls of junk from your junk drawer and put it in your panties. Now run up stairs and tell me if you're worried.
  9. cocheese

    Satellite radio?

    I have the Skyfi3 which records anything on XM. Pretty cool.
  10. cocheese

    what the hell is going on in here?

    I tried sky twerking the other day.
  11. cocheese

    what the hell is going on in here?

    Working at the dz.] Still a bum, but a sky bum.
  12. cocheese

    what the hell is going on in here?

    Almost 100 jumps this year
  13. cocheese

    Short Term Skydivers

    We never know when we will see our sky friends again, no matter how many jumps they have.
  14. cocheese

    Whuffos ignorance...

    Paying my bills is an adventure.~ Tracy Morgan.