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  1. A penetrating sealer would help but the best remedy is to get back to solid concrete before you install anything on top of it.
  2. You have a weak layer of concrete that needs to be removed. Have your contractor use a 7" grinder with a diamond blade and lightly grind to remove this layer. There are grinders available with vacuum attachments that will reduce the dust by 95%. After this layer is removed you can proceed. I have been in the business for over 25 years and this will solve your problem.
  3. I still have the sticker on my helmet of Johnny giving the Muff Brothers salute in freefall with the caption "Pull your stoppin ropes! My favorite line from him. I miss getting a big hug from him whenever I saw him at the DZ. He will not be forgotten! Robert
  4. I am jumping a G3 helmet now because I need the extra room for my prescription glasses. I think the G3 provides me the same protection that the Z1 gave me.
  5. I had an incident where I was on the ground after a skydive reeling in my canopy and standing still. A competition canopy pilot did a carving landing thru the skydivers on the ground. Without any warning he struck me with a knee to the head at what I estimate was 25+ mph. I consider myself very lucky that I was still wearing my Z1 helmet as I believe they would have been taking me to the hospital with a fractured skull had I taken my helmet off after landing. Although it rung my bell and I had to sit down for a couple of minutes to gather my wits I sustained no permanent damage and I credit my helmet for protecting me. Now I do not remove my helmet until I get clear of the landing area. Hope this helps.
  6. Mark was a great skydiver and one of the best all around nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Mark you will be missed by the local ZHills jumpers. Rest in peace brother. Muff Muff. Blue Skies, Robert
  7. I would add Stevie Ray Vaughan's cover of Voodoo Chile to the list.
  8. I am on my 3rd Body Suit by FliteSuit and have been jumping them since 2001. They make a great quality and very durable jumpsuit. I would suggest you call them direct and discuss the different options available. I did this when ordering my 1st Body Suit and they helped me figure out what would work best. Good luck!
  9. 8 must be "that age". My son got up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve., opened all of his presents and then went back to bed! When we got up Christmas morning I could not believe what I saw. When I asked my son why he opened all of his presents his reply was "Well they had my name on them". Can't blame the boy for being a smart ass because it runs in the family, however I did get a legitimate opportunity to tan his hide later in the week.
  10. I know it sounds simplistic and obvious but I make it a point after I have put my rig on to look at my chest strap while I am fastening it and to be very conscious that it is routed correctly. I make it a point to focus for that brief period of time so there is no doubt. I also check it about a half a dozen more times before I jump along with my handles just to be certain. I am very glad that you were able to open and land safely. "I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe."Quote
  11. I bought a new Quasar rig in 2006 and have 300+ jumps on it. I have had no issues with my rig other than the reserve mod. It is a good quality rig and I highly recommend it.
  12. 1160

    In need of...

    Check out www.realoco.com. Great selction of helmet stickers.
  13. 1160

    Quasar II

    I recently purchased a new Quasar II. What a great rig! I am impressed with the quality, price, features and the short two week delivery time. The customer service has been outstanding. I needed a minor modification done after I first jumped it. It was completed quickly and my rig returned ready to jump. I am very impressed with the sales and rigging staff at Strong Enterprises. Don't be fooled by the low price. This is a top quality, well built rig. Robert Pope Jr. Tampa, FL