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  1. Freeflaw

    Freak vs. Hunter
  2. Freeflaw

    Canopy flight exercises

    dive arrests - swing yourself out from under your parachute as hard as you can. Immediately get yourself back under your wing. Train until this response is second nature. Learn to do this without stalling your wing and without adding so much input that you swing out the other side. ONLY do this up high with enough room to cutaway. You should consider doing high pulls. Don't do this shit with other canopies around.
  3. Freeflaw

    New school tracking positions, useful videos?

    As is tradition, let me commence with the shaming of OP: Rabble rabble rabble rabble
  4. Freeflaw

    Most versatile tracking suit?

    Between the tube3, PTS, and the regular pf tracksuit, the regular pf tracksuit is still my favorite. Easy to fly and so nimble you can FF with it. You could probably pick one up used for relatively cheap and have a rigger install back fly vents. Or, you just back fly without the vents (which I did) Only the tube4, cruise and masai give you backfly vents. If ease of handling and backfly vents are the deciding factors then this leaves only the tub4 because of the added volume reduction system. As to the rumor mill and random thoughts part: I have heard only positive things about the cruise and masai. I don't know anything about the tube4. You have probably seen the incredible stuff the soulflyers are doing with the cruise. Jhonny florez is posting GR of 2:1 with the masai (yes yes uppers). I have a masai and Sumo on order. Saw a masai yesterday....its a hybrid between wingsuit and tracksuit. It really depends on what you hope to achieve. I think FF flocking with masai type minimal drag wingsuits could be a pretty fucking rad crossover discipline between wingsuiting and angle flying/flocking If you have seen Andrey Karr's brento fly by in a tracksuit, that was done in a regular pf tracksuit with volume taken out of the pants.
  5. Freeflaw

    Changing bridle lengh and PC size

    Most wingsuiters believe that it is a good idea to jump a longer bridle and pc for straight jacket flights.
  6. Freeflaw

    wingsuit lining

    I think that is part of the parapack coating. I have the same thing happen on my tracksuit. I would not pick at it.
  7. Freeflaw

    Question Proximity Flight

    yes it is. Look at the arm wing position of a wingsuiter flying terrain relativ to a max glide position of a wingsuiter
  8. Freeflaw

    Main closing pin orientation

    Curved pins rotate before releasing, alining with the direction of the pc tug. The main pin protector flap is almost identical to the vector, wings, icon and others who use or have used the smiley it shouldnt matter. Maybe there is some reason behind it given that they close left before them and ask them. You might want to check out the alternate version for closing a vector. It was created to prevent pin pierce bridle mal.
  9. Freeflaw

    Break off altitude doing downplane

    100 feet possibly lower
  10. Freeflaw

    how to install opteka .3 onto cx150

    sorry wrong forum... mods please move to vid and photography