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  1. it really is terrible how many wingsuiters are dying with no pulls and flatspins from upsizing so rapidly. Won't someone think of the children.
  2. I second that opinion. Just made the switch from the Epicene (150) to the WinX (150). My WinX is full ZP so it makes my comparing of the two canopies somewhat unfair. Judging from this frame of reference however, I much prefer my WinX. The WinX seems a bit more touchy yaw wise during opening but outshines the Epicene in every other aspect (besides maybe packing when you get it in full ZP).
  3. Scorpion eh? One of the most temperamental suits I have yet flown. Scorpion or are either trolling or retarded. Good luck :D
  4. When shit goes south, no one ever thinks, I wish I had smaller parachute right now. As to the light weight fabric concern, PN9 (which I believe the OPs are constructed out of, but I may be full of ka ka) has been field tested in the base environment for many years, with canopies seeing many hundreds (some as much as 800+) of terminal jumps. As to openings, I (anecdotal evidence) have not noticed much of a difference between the PDR and OP in terms of opening speed (14 chops on various sizes of OPs and PDRs). What is the claimed difference here anyway?
  5. It's fucking stupid, but I have been running a cruise+ with a Leia 86 and 79 (no issues at all). Openings are perfect. Good luck, your canopy might come back for a hug though. p.s. my wingsuit rig is a freepacked 200sqft with a 36 F111 as I got sick of chopping my storm 150 at a 1.3.
  7. edit:
  8. I know I am a total Squirrel fan boy, but I just wanted to chime in and say the C-race is fantastic. If you fly steep and fast, this is your ticket.
  9. This is what he means by bridle on the outside
  10. I have chopped my Storm 5 times in the last 200 jumps flying big suits. 150 at a 1.3. Florez has had similar luck at a similar loading. I am happy if 50% of my deployments do not have linetwists or something scary/annoying happen.
  11. I own a C2 and have flown an A2 proto. The C2 is less work. The A2 had an incredible pop but was also heavier on the arms. I got my A2 today. I shall put some jumps on it and report back. What are you trying to do? The C2 is a really great package.
  12. I own both the C2 and the Scorpion. The C2 is an awesome wing. Fast, agile, intuitive, light on the arms, good flare and incredibly stable in a dive. It reminds me of a P2 in some ways? The C2 has many attributes of the Scorpion but its smoother around the edges...less twitchy still very quick to turn. An incredibly well balanced wing (not the fastest by any means nor the suit with the most range). The Scorpion made ws skydiving fun for me. The C2 continues to keep me interested. own: V4, V5, V5R, Venom Power, Aura, C1, C2, Scorpion, (A2 on way) owned: P2, S-bird flown: A2, Jedei2, r-bird