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  1. Background: I have 400 something jumps, 150ish WS jumps in a V2 with a stiletto 170 (185lbs) and not 1 problem with it-- Took about a year and half off, did a bunch of fun jumps and then did a few back on my V2, then bought a Squirrel Colugo 1. 1st and only jump so far, exited and did a few practice pulls flew it and felt her out (WOW is all I have to say, it was like being inside an airplane!) pulled pretty much in full flight (not MAXED but decent flight) the PC toss was good and strong, at least I thought so. It felt like it took FOREVER for something to happen, very slowly stood me up and right into 4ish line twist. Long story short, fought out of them as they wanted to spin up more and landed uneventfully after that. Questions: 1. I have an another rig with a Sabre 2 150, will a 150 saber have less of a spinning chance then the 170 stiletto all else equal? 2. what size PCs are ppl with big suits jumping? 3. If I add a WS bridle will that effect openings when I FF? Does it help with line twist 4. I know squirrel makes the skySnatch. Has anyone jumped and FF'd with it?? (i'm assuming it works good with a WS) I would like to make a rig that can do both, WS and FF and sell the rig with the stiletto. If I'm putting to much concern in 1 jump, just tell me to shut up and jump it. But if anyone has a (constructive) opinion, I'm all ears. Sorry for all the questions. I've been out of the sport for a while and the WS word has made leaps and bounds on me, and I'm the only WS'er at my DZ, so any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks Jeff Is it saturday yet?
  2. called Skydive SD got a new number and just got off the phone… they are super busy with renovations for anyone wondering the new number is 619-216-6073 Is it saturday yet?
  3. Just tried the number above (the one i tried before) its staying the number has been disconnected... Is it saturday yet?
  4. great thanks for the info. ill call skydive SD and see if they can give me a number for GG thanks again! Is it saturday yet?
  5. Getting back in the sport after a few years off. Is gravity gear still in business? Ordered something, never came. Gave them a call and number was disconnected. any help would be appreciated thanks Jeff Is it saturday yet?
  6. Just a FYI... this company makes some really good stuff hope this helps Is it saturday yet?
  7. ive taken 13 secs from 2000' before, people tell me its not the same tho... clear and pull, youll be fine, its a rush like the first jump all over again Is it saturday yet?
  8. ??? Does BASE jumping make me a better or more knowledgeable plane rider?? No... Does BASE jumping make me better or more knowledge about landing in a tight LZ, or understanding winds and what they will to me under canopy, better at sinking it in, and/or executing a plan under stress? Ya, I think so... The main reason I posted this question was for the issue of a "pro rating" accuracy and jump numbers My thoughts- In BASE jumping (my experience about 100 jumps) accuracy (most LZs are very tight) is very important so is understanding the winds and other influences that can affect your canopy ride. Where doing a demo/ having your Pro rating is very similar and you have altitude on your side... Thus, I was thinking that if someone has all this experience in planning, and executing, these things, isn’t it silly to just say the usual crap "BASE and skydiving are not the same" I know they are different! But BASE teaches you things that are very hard to learn firsthand in skydiving that have a direct correlation to doing demos. Military round jumps count towards jump numbers and I would go and say that BASE jumping has more in common with skydiving than jumping a round from a C-130 at 1000 ft does? I know I probably ruffled a few feathers but I'm very interested in what people have to say... Is it saturday yet?
  9. just put together a video of some of the jumps from the past summer enjoy and let me know what you guys think! Is it saturday yet?
  10. Totally agree with 70% of all your guys... the experience thing though... Say if I have 200 BASE jumps from 1500+ft with a tight landing area and 200 full altitude skydives and there is a dude with 400 jumps and 90% of them are hop and pops with a huge LZ.... who is the better flyer, better canopy pilot, more knowledgeable, more heads up in group skydives, ect?? In my experience I have seen BASE jumpers tend to understand how ALL there gear (BASE and skydiving) works not just mains and PCs (yes I understand that was a big generalization) as well as using front, rear, and toggles to pilot their canopy. Some background on what brought this up, I'm working on getting my Pro rating and accuracy is not the issue its jump numbers. At the DZ the other day we where talking and it hit me, "Man why shouldn't my BASE jumps count?" thanks for not turning this into a a flame-fest and keeping it at least semi-intelligent. :-) Is it saturday yet?
  11. Ok so I have asked a number of people and I have got some ok but nothing really good replys to sell me on it... Why shouldn't BASE jumps count to your overall jump #? BASE jumps are by far more technical (canopy flying)then skydiving as a whole IMO. If you do both jumping very often (current) why shouldn't they both count? Is it saturday yet?
  12. So first few jumps (wingsuit flights) with the app (not thrilled about jumping with a $400 phone) After everything is all said and done... Love the app. I think its badass to import it into Google Earth and see my flights. The flights are pretty accurate to what/where we flew. (not sure how true/perfect the slope is... dont really care I just like the part of seeing it over the map I want to do a full out max performance flight and see what it looks like... Over all love the app! I do wish the app could sense when the freefall started so I dont have the plane ride on the google earth maps Is it saturday yet?
  13. Window movie maker can really do quite a bit of editing... slow stuff down/speed it up, add mucis, text over video, trasnitions, trim and cut video and cut chuncks of uses video in the middle of good stuff... here is my youtube page and ALL my stuff is window movie maker The new windows 7 can handle HD Straight from the GoPro. $1000 Final Cut Pro cant even do that... Bang for the buck--->window movie maker Is it saturday yet?
  14. Does anyone have any info on Skydive Opelika in AL? I know it closed, but rumors on the street is that someone bought the airplanes and is going to open the DZ again... if true, super bummed Buddy isn't going to be there/running the show, but it will be nice to not have to drive 2 hours to a DZ if anyone has any info to share, please let me know I loved jumping/hanging out there, just sucks that it had to close. Is it saturday yet?
  15. I dont care about all the bells and whistles, as long as there is a quick plane (cheep lift tix), some woods so I cant take care of business, water source, I'm pretty much happy. I can sleep in a sleeping bag under my truck and eat MREs. I dont need calamari,kenny g, or my polo shirt some other WS'ers and a balloon would add a nice touch! Im planning to be there, hopefully with +1 Is it saturday yet?