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  1. Same, but we already know that in addition to surfing Jhonny Utah does a little skydiving for kicks.
  2. Lead story on CBS Sacramento tonight is about DB Cooper, they think it's some dude from Stockton named Robert Rackstraw. That's one hell of a coincidence!
  3. nickfrey


    If I read it right, sounds like a hybrid mono/triwing. Separate arm wings, but the entire body inflates with the leg wing, not sure what advantage that would have but interesting. Though it does just seem like more volume to fill, that may or may not need it? Maybe it helps maintain pressure during front/back transistors? The video is cool, but you could put trash bags on Fred and Vince and get the same result! Hopefully it will be a valid alternative to the Havok.
  4. nickfrey

    Wingsuits Banned at DZs

    Maybe this is overly paranoid, but i think a list could get large enough that other dzo's feel more comfortable adding themselves to it. Frankly I'd rather not be giving them ideas...
  5. nickfrey

    XRW risers

    Not trying to be a dick, but if you have to ask... And your referring to them as XRW risers, there are probably a few other questions you should be asking first.
  6. nickfrey

    tsa and hook knives

    With a name like that your lucky he let you on the plane... :)
  7. nickfrey

    Snowboard Helmets w/ soft ear flaps?

    I jump with a Smith Maze ski helmet, soft earflaps with zipper pockets for headphones. Dytter lives in one flap and GPS in the other. Skydiving helmets are overpriced camera holders far as I'm concerned, the price they get away with charging is ridiculous considering there not rated for anything and cost as much if not more then Motorcycle helmets.
  8. Ask your doctor... Other than that you may not need them anymore if you get hooked!!!
  9. Where is your implant located?