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  1. Same, but we already know that in addition to surfing Jhonny Utah does a little skydiving for kicks.
  2. Lead story on CBS Sacramento tonight is about DB Cooper, they think it's some dude from Stockton named Robert Rackstraw. That's one hell of a coincidence!
  3. Ok. Though don't we (wingsuits) fly at a comparatively high AoA (due to our shitty l/d ratio, below 1 right?) with very high induced drag? Doesn't that require much more thrust to maintain level flight? Just like the Hovering harrier whose AoA is at extreme levels during a hover and while transitioning to forward flight.
  4. The thrust isn't lifting you off the ground, it's pushing you forward. Drag increases with the square of speed right kalland? So to reach a forward speed, high enough to create aerodynamic lift wouldn't you have to overcome more than just the body weight of the jumper? Sure, with 200lbs thrust vectored directly down, you could lift a 200lb object off the ground, but can it push a heavy inefficient high drag human anvil forward fast enough?
  5. Thanks for the vids, something to think about for sure. Looks pretty solid.
  6. Quite literally a Hunter hanging with a Freak, thanks
  7. Not long ago I would not have considered a PF suit, but now that BASE is no longer a personal priority (immediate riser access on opening and easier gear up of 1 vs. 2 zipper system) and it appears PF can deliver a suit in not only under 6 months but in a comparable time frame to Squirrel I am once again considering them. Tony is still out, to unpredictable as to what i would get and I wouldn't even know what the comparable suit is today. I had a ghost 3, loved that suit but it was simply not capable of stable, steep flight, it just became a flapping pile of nylon. We have all seen what the Freak is capable of, can the Hunter keep up? Steep dynamic flight? XRW? Who has flown both and has these skills?
  8. Often the shooters choose Gun Free Zones, they know there wont be anyone to shoot back.
  9. I'm just gonna assume you meant a Spectre or Safire? AS others have said the Stiletto is a poor choice for wingsuits and I've never seen one with Dacron, but Dacron is pretty common of Spectres...
  10. Hey everybody! Squirrel Fanboy here... I love me some Squirrel and I just wanted you all to know that Squirrel, the best and only awesome rad gnar flying stuff manufacturer is releasing the best one-piece track-suit anyone has ever made,in the history of man-kind. It's called the sausage, it even has the best name ever, in the history of man-kind. I can't wait to attend the next Squirrel Sausage Fest, I hear there will be tons of hot chicks there.
  11. Tried the code to rent a freak for a month starting Jan 5, said the code is not valid?
  12. Nathan was actually in a Sekoih (yeah I dont know how to spell it) You could damn near put Julian or Noah in a trash bag and they would still be tough to beat. Julian has won or been in the top every year the WWL has existed and Noah trains with him
  13. I've been using the same mod as hjumper33 since the first colugo. Haven't had any problems with disappearing handles. Be aware though, you have to be careful about where you position the zips when they are locked, it's easy to damage the teeth since the zippers can't move.
  14. Even after all that, he managed to stomp a landing between what looks like to sets of powerlines! Fucking bad ass. Can you imagine diving headfirst at the ground in hopes that your Vigil fires?
  15. I was thinking the opposite, even AFF could benefit from the use of these. From exit to landing...
  16. I've paid for nearly 800 jumps, up until 500ish they were almost all 13 bucks at lodi. No more ticket blocks so now they're 15. So if they were all at lodi, (they werent but probably not much more then 100 elsewhere) that comes to about 11,000. Can't imagine having paid 30 or 40 bucks a jump!
  17. Right you are. It is a violation of Part 105. However, I'm sure Luke will get whatever waiver is needed for that. He's a pretty good planner. I'd like to be there when he does this jump.
  18. Hmm... what happened to "the best pilot won" ? My understanding from a couple of competitors was that the Scorpion pilots had difficulty maintaining forward speed when the required glide between gates got flatter.
  19. Since you would have all this sensor data, have you given any thought to having it detect a clear "impact" and resulting clear loss of attitude control that a unconscious jumper would have? Then using this to deploy the reserve at a much higher altitude and increasing the chance that the jumper might regain consciousness before meeting the earth? More interested in knowing if this would be possible, yes there are plenty of reason to debate whether it should for example deployment collision with another jumper due to unexpected opening or a high deployment causing the injured jumper to fly further away from the dropzone while under canopy.
  20. So can I order a Havok and pay in Canadian dollars?
  21. Maybe he's referring to it tangling in your lines while under canopy?
  22. Will an XP virtual machine (VMWare) under windows 8 work?
  23. My Aura has eaten a handle or two on the ground and required some adjustment before exit. But the worst offender by far was my first suit... an Sfly expert, that thing ate handles all the time.
  24. well no one wants you to jump with full PMS anyways HA, fucking auto-correct!