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  1. scottygofast

    'Nother Wingnut

    That, is Excellent... Welcome Jordan!
  2. scottygofast

    8way Wingsuit 12 way CRW diamond Flyby @ Jumptown~

    I made you guys a Coupon for use on my smugmug page~ if youd like a print of the flyby, type in crwdogs in the coupon code box and youll receive a 25% discount, an that can cover shipping as well~ I suggest the metallic finish on prints, really looks hot.. thanks again guys and girls! Scotty
  3. scottygofast


    Before a jump, I am anal about my hacky location on my BOC, cause, well im a short fat guy. I always make sure that my hacky is tight against the BOC and doesnt flop around, and tuck my pc deep into the boc. I make sure on the ground, and a few times in the plane, that it is as far forward in the boc as possible agains the corner, so it is as close to my back as possible for two reasons. It is out of the airflow, and has less chance to move around, and its easier to reach. Ive actually had a chop becuase i had grabbed wing with my hackey years ago and pitched, and the hack came out of my hand and flopped under my rig, and wouldnt come out. landed the reserve, and the hacky and pc fell out from between my back and rig.. just my 2 cents..
  4. scottygofast


    Ill look into it and get back to you all soon about FnD.. Meanwhile, the video should be up sometime soon~ Its a work in progress, but it will be worth the wait!
  5. scottygofast

    Keys Boogie

    I will be trying to make it for thursday and friday~
  6. scottygofast

    Summerfest 09 Pics~ a wee bit late... Sorry~

    oh and just one more thing to share... comments anyone? I like "Door Scarry!!!"
  7. scottygofast

    Wingsuit Freeflying

    Nice~~ Kinda reminds me of the old days
  8. Nice Site~ now that someone else has a joomla site and apparently knows how to set it up~ HELP!!! Nice site guys
  9. scottygofast

    The "Phat Bird"

    Good luck dude!
  10. scottygofast

    Flock U Training Camp at Pepperell

    She'll make it in there one way or another! Nice shot Jeff~
  11. scottygofast

    I finally met Scotty Burns brother

    I am much better looking than he is... and my gut makes me sexy baby!@ we missed you today with the shuttle spot~ have some pics up for you soon! Have fun down under!
  12. scottygofast

    World Wide Wingsuit News - Competition

    hopefully stories with ponies wont be allowed forsubmission~ :P
  13. scottygofast

    Skyvan At Z-Hills Mar28-29

    Sounds like fun with a tailgate at Zhills this weekend, anyone else going to be around for it??
  14. scottygofast

    Fun in Hawaii

    40 seconds? Thats not so bad on the side of the otter~ :P looks like it wouldve been great to be there!
  15. scottygofast

    Puerto rico 2009- Wingsuiters Paradise

    Once again great job By everyone down in PR! It was a blast and we hope you enjoy the video! Thanks to all who contributed to such a great event! you can see this video as well as last years on the Sky2 channel on vimeo, hope yall enjoy! Scotty & the Sky2 Team~