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  1. dude, delete that number or spell it with actual words
  2. I'm just curious how is it compared to a PD Optimum? It seems like fair comp.
  3. My friend placed a preorder for C6 more than a year ago.... So 2 month is reasonable if you ever get it
  4. I'm getting my pop corn ready for this thread
  5. here we go.. whatever makes you happy :)
  8. squirrel had inquired, received, fixed and returned my aura in the amount of time that i usually receive a return email from PF. they need to step up their customer service and i believe they will. That is the reason I canceled my Havok Carve and ordered a Funk. I just want to get my toys asap when I have money ready for it. Wingsuits arent custom made Ferrari's, Lambo's and GTR's - we shouldn't wait weeks for an email and months for a suit...
  9. Sounds like cold fusion. I've got enough chemistry background to opine that there's no potential energy in salt water that can drive a car 240 mph. I smell something fishy. I got no degree and I call it B.S.
  10. Give it some time, Europeans been doing acro in Shadow and Havok for a few years now, do you really expect them just ditch their suits to fly Funk that is like 2-3 month old? They spent a lot of time learning to fly their suits. Anyway- I don't know any Skydiving gear manufacturing company that is only couple years old and can eat away a lot of market....
  11. You just answered your own question.... I know someone who put 1K+ jumps on Vortex - no problems. If TSO and delivery time is so important - save few more Rubles and order Infinity :)
  12. SWS is in Ukraine, not Russia. yeah, forgot that they are in a state of war :(
  13. If you jump in Russia - why don't you buy SWS?
  14. Well, then talk to experienced packer how to avoid "stressful malfunction" :)
  15. I don't know why peeps complaining about thumb loops and RAD... It's so easy to drop loops after pitch, but i think it's just a matter of what we used to... My first suit was GTI paired with 230 Spectre - so I'm used to loops. My first pull on Funk was not so beautiful with some nasty linetwist, it takes less then a second to drop thumb loops and then grab risers. I'm surprised that some WS pilots with way more experience than me bitching about loops and RAD . P.S. get a canopy that snivel longer and you will have enough time to do your housekeeping before slider goes down