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  1. Maksimsf

    Always check your handles.

    I'm getting my pop corn ready for this thread
  2. Maksimsf

    Vortex II experience?

    If you jump in Russia - why don't you buy SWS?
  3. Type 8 risers may help, but not if you still want to stow your slider behind your back.
  4. Maksimsf

    Problems with contact with SkySystem USA Inc.

    try this
  5. Maksimsf

    Help a newbie with a new wings container.

    W14 is listed on their website for 190. You'll be better off calling them to ask all your questions. Get an articulation - your rig will hold better resale value.
  6. Maksimsf

    Zulu by Aerodyne - new canopy

    Time will tell. There are factory test jumpers and there are ones that willing to pay $2k+ to be them :)
  7. Maksimsf

    M2 AA

    I was waiting for M2 to be available on US market, but rescently bought vigil2 DOM 2013 for $1250 due to simple math and common sense: I did compare Life cycle of 2: Vigil2 - 20 years M2 - battery life 15 years (didn't see anything on their website about unit life, so I assume its 15 years) price: $1250 + 2-3 replacement batteries ($120-$180) total cost to own for life cycle: M2 -~ $1000 for 15 years Vigil2 ~ $1430 for 20 years now let's see what would be the cost to own per year: M2: 1000:15=$66.(6) Vigil2: 1430:20=$75.1 Resale value in the middle of a life time may vary - it all depends if there any incidents happened recently with any particular unit... I'm not trying to prove anything, but that's calculations I did when i was ordering my VSE container and had to decided what AAD to buy, and as we all know there is no official rep available here in US yet, and that mysterious M2 Distributions without physical address, website or phone number... Resent Cypres SB turned me away from getting that great AAD, even we all know that Cypres is a great unit, but still... Just my 2 cents edit to fix grammar mistakes, but I'm sure there are still a lot left :)
  8. Maksimsf

    Skylark US dealers?

    there are none. I bought directly from them, but they do have a dealer in UK - it's on their web site. here we go: United Kingdom all regions Maciej Rybitwa +4407894066473 e-mail United Kingdom all regions Sergiy Rulikovskyy +447552843741 e-mail
  9. Maksimsf

    Jump suit/gear?

    Depends on manufacturer and kind of suit you will be getting. It also depend on your fall rate. Don't worry about that yet. Tunnel got suits to borrow and DZ will get you suits for AFF, by the time you graduate you will have an idea what suit you will need. Dealer or manufacturer of the suits will help you with a measurements.
  10. Maksimsf

    epilepsy wait

    Ask your doctor if you can do this. You are free of seizure for 6 month, but no one knows whats gonna happen once you up in the air. You may be ok jumping trough AFF - there is someone to pull for you, but what if its happen when you do solo and there is nobody to deploy for you? I don't remember the waiver that I signed, but I think it was some medical questions about Epilepsy or stuff like that. There are AFF, Tandem folks that would have no problem to jump with you, but I'm sure they will have to say no, just because if something happen they will have to deal with attorneys,lawsuits and other shit. If you say in your waiver that you don't take any medicine and you don't have any problems with your health - they will let you jump, but in this case you will be trying to foul yourself. I'm not an experience jumper nor a medic, but I will suggest you not to do it...yet.
  11. Maksimsf

    First mal... Tips?
  12. yup, got that 1 too. I remember another thread discussing that particular subject. I voted "Leave the requirement as-is: six hours of freefall time".
  13. Maksimsf

    Infinity rigs

    If someone need a car cover - $50 for a reserve is good price, container - may be $200-$300. I'm a broke ass, but no way i would put a reserve from 80's in my rig
  14. By the age of 5 he will be an AFFI
  15. Maksimsf

    SWS Fire container - need your opinion

    try Gotta use google translate...hope it helps