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  1. Interlaken is definitely on the list. These are all great ideas. Very much appreciated! Keep them coming if anyone has more!
  2. Very good tip! Thanks for the advice. I will look into these.
  3. Hi all! My wife and I will be driving from Norway to the French Riviera in August. We will be stopping and jumping along the way. Are there any DZ's we should visit that stand out in any way? By this I mean scenery, special aircraft, special jumps, frequent nudity, etc. We have not planned out our route yet so anything in mainland Europe is a candidate, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg. The only DZ we know we will hit for sure is Interlaken. Any good skydiving on the French Riviera as well?
  4. Right on. That does sound about right. My options are pretty limited here since neither the Epicene or WinX are legal to fly here in Norway. I am looking for something LPV so I can more fabric above my head. Looks like I can either order a Pilot7 or petition the Norwegian Federation to accept the Epicene and WinX. I think I am going to petition. I appreciate the advice from everyone. Even though it did get a bit side tracked.
  5. Magnetic stowless bag. I leave about 10 inches of excess. I think I am a little unlucky with the canopy as well. Directly after every opening, no matter if it is a WS flight or regular frefall, the canopy turns to the right. Most of the time 90 to 180° sometimes up tp 360. I borrowed a 120 from a friend and put about 30 jumps on it before I bought my 135. Not once do I recall it turning. Even had a line twist on it and it motored straight ahead. I have measured the lines on mine and everything is within the parameters.
  6. Thanks for the info! Well appreciated.
  7. I have about 150 WS jumps. 100 of which on Pilot 150 and roughly 50 on a Storm 135. I love the Storm but I have had to chop it once. Every time I get line twists on it, it spins and dives. Mind you I have had 3 line twists in 50 jumps. Still, I am fed up...
  8. I would love the Epicine. Unfortunately it is not allowed here in Norway due to it not having a TSO certificate.... I have been considering the Pilot 7 but 14 weeks delivery! And then trying to deal with Aerodyne. Love their products but their customer service is very touch and go. The Win-x you say? I will check it out. Thanks.
  9. Is there anyone who has jumped the Optimum extensively as a main who can vouch for its longevity? I am seriously considering this as an option but I am concerned about how many jumps I will get out of it.