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  1. Di0 I jump a Sabre 2 135, I load it at about 1.2 maybe a little less depending on my weight that day, I'm a small guy and my weight fluctuates 5 or so pounds any given week. You're right, it may have been a combo of line twist and a brake fire. 3200 was a little lower than I normally like to pull, I generally pull at 4000 but the guys I was jumping with wanted to 3500 and I was cool with that, went slightly lower than I would have liked. My canopy generally takes about 800 feet to open. John, I appreciate the advice I always do a brake check when packing but will definitely be doing what you described from now on to ensure they are tight. It was a fun time but an expensive day, I lost the handles, freebag and reserve pilot chute, hopefully I don't have another one for a while.
  2. Thanks Chuck. I 110% agree with you in that getting a landable canopy overhead is the most important thing. Going over the jump over and over in my head, I would have done nothing different. I absolutely stand by the decision to chop. I've had plenty of line twists where the canopy was flying straight. This is the first time I have been spun up and was moving toward the ground and I don't load my canopy very high at all. Definitely very very different. Let me correct myself, the one thing I would do different is try to keep the handles.
  3. Yeah I have an RSL and I'll say when I cutaway today I grabbed both handles, after I pulled the cutaway handle, I pulled the reserve handle and there was absolutely no tension in it due to the RSL. I'm glad I have an RSL but I'll never rely on it and not pull reserve.
  4. First jump of the day today, I had my first cutaway. Pulled at about 3200 feet, under canopy at 2200 and it immediately spun up and started spinning me around pretty fast. Grabbed the risers, made two attempts to kick out, couldn't do it. Chopped at about 2000 and under reserve at 1800. Landed the reserve canopy just fine. Everything got put back together today, and the rigger told me that the malfunction could have been caused from a brake fire. I didn't even think to unstow the brakes, we live and learn, I still do not regret the decision to chop. Good times.
  5. Someone put a decent amount of work into the website for it to be a joke, I can't imagine DZs actually letting anyone do this. This is just dumb.
  6. Haven't seen any endorsements for clubs or anything like that. There may have been an MWR event for tandems, I feel like I have seen it before but can't confirm. I can tell you my command knows I jump and they don't care.
  7. First off, you aren't getting "blasted." If any of my responses come across that way, it is unintentional and I apologize. This is actually a pretty civil discussion of the issue, compared to some of the crap that goes on in here. For me, one of the fun things about these discussions (at least when they remain above the "Pee Wee Herman" level ) is that if I make a statement about my position on an issue, I can expect to be challenged about it. Why I believe it and what do I have to back it up. "Because I was raised that way" doesn't cut it. I haven't undergone any "earthshaking" changes of opinion, but I have taken a different view on a lot of issues. But you dodged the question. Since you seem to believe that everyone is born hetero and some choose to "go gay," when did you choose to stay hetero? Would you even be able to choose to be gay? And I agree with Wendy's question. Why in the world would anyone choose to become part of a minority that has been brutally persecuted throughout history. It'd be kinda like choosing to be an American Indian here in the US. I recall the story of a teenage boy who was gay. Not by choice. He was raised in a very religious household and was brought up to believe that homosexuality was sinful and immoral. So he prayed to God to be hetero. Often enough that he wore divots in his bedroom floor. But God didn't change him. So, faced with the prospect of being gay for the rest of his life in a community that would not accept that, he committed suicide. No I didn't think you blasted me. I was born hetero and have stayed that way As, far as your story yes that is sad and I'm sure we don't know exactly what went on in that household or with that young man. I would take on the issue of suicide. But, I have also listened to people give testimonies about thinking they were in fact "gay" and lived that lifestyle for some many years and then through circumstances and experiences and yes counseling they no longer believed that they were born gay and saw it as a choice, and now state that they are indeed hetro. So you are telling us that you could wake up tomorrow and be sexually attracted to women if you really wanted to?
  8. Im moving to Carlsbad, CA next week and I was wondering what the consensus is on the dropzones out there. I know that there is San Diego, Elsinore, and Perris Valley. So what do people think about these different dropzones? Is one more fun jumper friendley than the next? I have never been to the dropzones out there or SoCal for that matter but the Marines are relocating me out there so wish me luck.
  9. Heck, if all I was wearing at 5000' was a "red jacket", I'd be full of terror, too! Red jacket hahaha....I think the author needs to look again....what a dumbass.
  10. I am so pumped for this. I am moving to Oceanside in May and it looks like I will be living exactly 1.6 miles from the airport.
  11. What dropzone in Virginia?....I was stationed up there for the last six months and had the opportunity to jump at a few of them.
  12. "The Only Way is Up" Yazz & Plastic Population This shit is hilarious.
  13. Deland is open everyday of the year, they always have people ready to jump if the weather is good.
  14. University of North Florida-Palatka or Deland Jacksonville University- Palatka or Deland UF- Mainly jumps at Palatka Embry Riddle- 10 min. away from Deland I went to Jacksonville U. it was about 1.25 hours away from Deland where I jumped most of the time. Did a little bit at Palatka, both great dropzones, and who the hell doesn't want to live in Florida.