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  1. Sorry for the late reply. You should have been sent one when you got an initial judge's rating. If you already have a judge's rating but never received a log book, contact the USPA Competition Committee (competition[at] They should be able to get you sorted out.
  2. Sorry for reviving a two year old thread but I didn't feel my question was worthy of creating its own thread. Is two years out of skydiving the 'cool off period' before an insurance company will sell you a standard life insurance policy?
  3. Skydive City is closed for jumping. We told you we would re-evaluate jumping with input from staff and jumpers. Yesterday, we 'postponed' tandems. Today, we are ceasing jumping. We remain open to handle business. The constructive input of everyone who cares about Skydive City on the wisest course of action has been most appreciated. Thank you everyone! *We are still planning to rock Flamingo Fest April 8-12.
  4. There are at least five fatalities based on updated reports as of 2:30PM.
  5. You might want to post/search in the CRW forum. I'm new to CRW but have done a couple of jumps using air-to-air motorcycle radios and it works pretty good.
  6. There is no way of knowing the ground speed of the plane before you get into the plane. Ground speed will vary based on the current wind conditions at altitude on jump run. Only way to find out what your ground speed is, is to ask the pilot when he/she is on jump run. Some drop zones will do this while others don't. At my home DZ the pilot will typically announce what ground speed is shortly before the first group exits.
  7. What hillson said. Burble allows you to report back to the DZ that you are safe, if you are injured, if you need someone to pick you up, and also gives your approximate location to the DZ.
  8. Truth. I'm still a somewhat sloppy packer, but putting my kid's beach tent back in it's bag is a piece of cake now!
  9. DVD available in the US in March 2016...
  10. Some more info on the project including the team which included UPT. Site might be slow loading.
  11. If someone jumps from 135,908 ft but doesn't have Red Bull to spend months/years marketing the jump, did it ever really happen?
  12. Congrats and damn! I remember following your posts a few years ago since we both started out AFF around the same time. You sure have run with it.
  13. There's more to it than just the fees for the certificates. You also need a USPA certified judge on hand for the attempt. You need to pay the judge something like $100 a day plus possibly travel expenses for their services if you don't have one at your home DZ. The judge also needs to know the dive plan in advance of the jump. That's why there's a lot of unofficial records. Takes too much planning and costs than many people feel is worth the reward. At least that's how it was explained to me.
  14. I did a jump at Skydive Mesquite. A little over an hour drive from the Strip if I recall correctly. I went mid week during Septemeber and had to call to schedule it. Jump was from a 182 but I believe they have larger aircraft there on weekends and during this time of year when it isn't as brutally hot.
  15. CPI jumps in the winter.