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  1. sfzombie

    Coaching Program

    thanx gary. i got a copy of it and will look into using it, and sharing it with anyone at my dz who may want to use it.
  2. sfzombie

    What counts as a freefall jump?

    i just got my a license with a proficiency card that said 25 skydives but my logbook i got on my first jump in 1998 said 25 freefall jumps. not sure about the sim and when it changed but it appears to have always been freefall, at least my book has it printed that way and it is listed as uspa fai license requirements.
  3. sfzombie

    Skyduck - new mobile app for skydivers

    i don't like to see the trend go that way as it just shows that a certain phone was carried on a jump. if one were so inclined, one could jump with a dozen phones for a dozen different jumpers to falsify logs. of course, you could always have someone sign for a falsified logbook, just would leave a paper trail which some folks would rather not leave. having said that, i would like to have a shot at converting the code to android if possible. it sounds like a great idea and i hate iphones. send me a message if you are so inclined.
  4. i would go with an aon2 brilliant pebbles audible. you can set up to 20 alarms and it only costs around $100, depending on exchange rate from pounds. the only drawback i have found so far is that you need a computer or android phone to change the settings. works for me as i don't change them often though. i would agree with the not using it precisely on landings, just as a suggestion. our dz only has about 300' of width and the base leg is always more of a sweeping turn into the final, as there is just not enough room. i started hitting the target consistently when i started to use my eyes instead of adhering to the altitudes completely. but then again, there are never more than 4 of us landing anyway and the patterns are easier to keep track of. it can be a little bit intimidating making your downwind completely over the ohio river, but you get used to it and it is usually the other way.
  5. jump. as much as you can afford. be honest with the folks at the dz and you will gain experience by doing it. log them all and don't downsize too early. be safe.
  6. sfzombie

    Has DZ.com run it’s course?

  7. being a student - solved that one by getting my a license after 22 years, 3 months, and 29 days in the sport and 61 skydives with 32 static line military jumps. weather money
  8. sfzombie

    Altimeter Options for Wingsuiting?

    oh, i don't know about that. i just got an aon2 brilliant pebbles and it has 20 programmable alarms on it that you can set to count down every 1000 ft and it only cost $100. You have to program it with a computer or smartphone app but hey, for that price, i can get 3 and have them all pre-programmed. of course i would rather just use the phone, but then i am also into making my own altimeter/logbook that will record all sorts of data on each jump. i one were to make a wrist mounted altimeter using a raspberry pi with a gps module, you could have it sending an output to google glass i think. while the n3a sounds really cool, having a personal hud system that not only is an altimeter and logbook is awesome.
  9. sfzombie

    email filter not working

    i keep this email account for security verifications and i have this one email that keeps coming up and flooding my inbox. i have set filters for it, but they are not stopping the email. can you block this one email for me? the address it comes from is: admin and the subject line is: There is a new comment to Auditing Shooting Rampage Statistics. i have blocked it by subject, sender and still have hundreds of them. i have even unsubscribed from the thread, but this didn't work either. thank you. http://kitswv.com
  10. sfzombie

    one thing I would change in the new format

    not digging, per se, just referring to more than the button by itself at the top. i'm just glad it didn't go away completely. you guys do a pretty good job with the website. i didn't know how much of a bitch it was until i started designing them. http://kitswv.com
  11. sfzombie

    one thing I would change in the new format

    thanx. it is still there, just gotta dig for it. it's still easier than trying to remember which threads i'm watching sometimes. http://kitswv.com
  12. sfzombie

    one thing I would change in the new format

    i guess i'm just being a bit nostalgic, but i like the old style better. it was the first real internet forum i was on, except for a website that was disbanded a couple of years ago. it was the standard i held all other forums to. i will miss it. that being said, i do like the way things flow, but i miss the button for "my posts". sometimes i just have a minute and want to see where the discussion is on a certain thread. can we get that button back? it would be a lot easier than creating a new section, although that wouldn't be too hard. http://kitswv.com
  13. sfzombie

    cat and vacuum

    that is cool. my cat runs and hides from the vacuum. the dog just barks at it, then runs. http://kitswv.com
  14. sfzombie

    What's your biggest,"This is gonna hurt," moment?

    first crap after hemorrhoid surgery...then the painkillers got me constipated, so i stopped them after a day...man that sucked really bad http://kitswv.com
  15. sfzombie

    Night jump fun

    i had a couple of night jumps with the 82d, talk about a rush. http://kitswv.com