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  1. Ay yi yi, I just logged back on after a LONG hiatus, and can I have my old DZ.com look back please? Let's consider that the last time I _really_ logged in was back in 2010, and I come back to this? I don't suppose I could view the forums in the original format, no? Like, you know, this like? http://web.archive.org/web/20130402132357/http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi
  2. Aw stop. You're making me blush!
  3. For fun and laughs I decided to revive this decade-old thread and announce that the Cheetah Racer is looking for a new home!
  4. Sadly, I won't be attending. Sadlier still, the ticket is essentially going to waste. It's will call pickup at the gate. It takes only a few scanned papers to let somebody else use it (http://tickets2.burningman.com/faq.php#elsepickup), so if you can and want to go, drop me a line, or PM, or something... [email protected]
  5. IMO: Arguably, Atmogear makes the best H/Cs, followed by Parazone and Paraavis, followed by Zvezda. Canopy-wise, that would be Skylark (on par with Western counterparts, and then some), followed by Paraavis (mediocre), followed by Zvezda (downright terrible). I am more familiar with BASE-gear from said manufacturers, but I would not hesitate to buy an Atmogear skydiving H/C and a Skylark canopy, and I would not buy anything from Zvezda, period (other than their accuracy canopy and then only if you can get it for a song). No TSO on any of the above though, and no plans of obtaining one.
  6. $40 according to the site? Kathy sent me a high res picture of the Helium. If anyone wants a close up look, it's here.
  7. I had good experience with Aerodyne as a company and bad with one of their products. Aerodyne was good about everything, including a new (improved) lineset free of charge, because my Vision was behaving like crap with the older specs lineset. There was some fairly extensive canopy repair included later on which took an unexpected 3 months and I had to remind about it a couple times to get a status update. Overall, I'd rate my experience with Aerodyne 8/10 for how they handled the canopy repair issue, and 9/10 for how they handled a potentially faulty product issue.
  8. That was a low freefall into what looks to be a strong headwind with a lineover and a 4 second canopy ride. Does anybody know the canopy used and the number of UCL, and if there was a tailgate?
  9. It was the best we got until just recently ago when some new cliffs were discovered. This is still one of the highest cliffs available locally, of the few avaiable locally at all.
  10. Skylark canopies are generally well received on the Russian market for their quality. Dmitri Lukh, the owner and canopy designer of Skylark, plies his trade well. To the best of my knowledge there have been no recalls, bulletins, or unwanted behavior so far (unlike, say, Paraavis).
  11. Take a Troll 265 from pre-2006, and take a recent production DW Troll 265. Are they going to match in size? I've heard varying opinions. What is the borderline date when sizes start to mismatch? I presume around the time when the Troll became DW? (According to Stane the DW is a slightly different, slower airfoil. Do you notice it as being slower? Stane hasn't replied to any of my recent emails, btw. Maybe I got a wrong address though it worked a year ago. Maybe he's busy.)
  12. Is there a more profound reason for not having a slider-down packed, ram-air reserve as well as a cutawayable paraglider wing (cutaway RSL'ed to the reserve) than the lack of skydiving training in many paraglider pilots?
  13. It was about 800 ft, so I didn't really get that cold. I had the baddest whiplash from opening shock though because you can't really launch stable off that thing. They wouldn't let me jump at the dz because I was in a walking cast, and I was getting pretty desperate. Talked a pilot friend into letting me make use of his paraglider thingy. That looks like a BAD place to break at, does your xray. Kudos on not giving up.
  14. On a related note, when my foot was pretty badly sprained I used to land something like this. But, that was in fairly deep snow. Don't try that otherwise.