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  1. camamel

    101 years old passenger

    Last Friday June the 27th 2014 at Voltige, a DZ in Quebec Canada, I did a tandem with Armand Gendreau. It was to celebrate his 101 th birthday witch took place three days earlier. Since the weather was not appropriate on that day for such a jump, we decide with the family to do it Friday night on sunset. Thanks to the family and the support of my partners and staff everything went well and it was a success. It should also be a guiness record. On landing Armand said ¨I am ready to do another one tomorrow…It would a great hobby !! Not sure how to do a clicky. Richard When you think you're good...this is when you become dangerous.
  2. camamel

    Sigma 2 340 top skin tears

    I have 15 Sigma 340 that have been reline with vectran and new colapsable slider two years ago ranging from 1000 to 1900 jumps with no similar problem. Slider doesn't last as long as before. I also had an issue with a green that was fading on one main, PD test it and everything was O.K. but doesn't look very good so I ask them to give me some credit to buy another one...witch they did. I have the same problem this year with an orange but after 1500 jumps I will have to live with it. Otherwise nothing at all with an average of one cut away per 2000 to 2500 jumps in the last 17000. Did your packers keep there t-shirt on when they pack?
  3. camamel

    Tandem video: Reserve after Main

    Hum The cameraman lost some part of it so it's not easy to see. Anyway the main came out while the drogue was still attach. I don't know the system (not a Sigma for sure) but it is probably a broken closing loop or a closing pin that has been pull on exit or while moving in the plane. Again we don't see the plane. In that kind of situation the instructor should pull the drogue release immediately so that one will perform as a pilote chute and pull the bag of the back of the instructor. The main might open perfectly or not and at a higher altitude for sure. But in this case this is not what a saw. It look like the Instructor pull the cut away first then the release after. Not sure if the RSL pull the reserve or the instructor maybe the RSL. With that few information available it look like more then one mistake to me. I am very happy for the passenger and the instructor they don't have to buy a lottery ticket...they already win it big time. Richard
  4. camamel

    solo sidespin recovery drill dives?

    I did try it twice. It remember me when I start freefalling in the 70's. When somebody was too stiff they end up flat spinning. Some where spinning fast enough to be desoriented. The way to get out of that was tracking. Pretty much like a side spin recovery for me. Richard
  5. camamel

    old tandem vecor2 harness

    From what I herd the answer is no. I have a complete Vector 2 (with out canopys) in my wardrobe for at least 4 years now! Look like there is a market for vector 2 in Mexico. But if you have only a passenger harness I don't think there is any market for that. Richard
  6. camamel

    3 base jumpers se font ceuillir par la police

    Ce serait plutôt le Sheraton au centre ville à Montréal!! Richard
  7. camamel

    How many jumps?

    Is it Top Secret?