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  1. So your stateing that I have identified a problem that is still a problem? Or is the problem the same old drunk good ol boys running a solid game on the system, ed Scott, ottinger, crouch. We as an association get "liability" insurance and a magazine. Because if you look at how many dropzones in this country are GM and Ottinger and Scott are finger popping each others assholes In fear of another skyride "Settlement" which they kept held from the "Members". Hell safety, no one holds anyone accountable for actions "UNTILL" there is a fatality. We keep trying to make more rules and "BSRs" instead of holding people accountable and enforcing them. But let's be real no one on that board is going to anything to support or even comment for a GM or individual member who contacts them with a violation and they just blow you off . But hey that TI who just hit his one hitter and then grabbed the tandem rig to take up the customer could be comeing to dropzone near you, cause crouch didn't care.
  2. So people like me cant be bothered?? Well Bill you could have simply just said your an advocate of the USPA. Do you really believe they are a proactive steward of the GM and Individual members dollars when they close the settled case file with skyride, and don't support GM dropzones all over the country what exactly are we paying Randy Ottenger and Ed Scott for?
  3. In reading the recent problems with dropzones and local and faa officials harassing them.. Why the hell do we allow these USPA dinosaurs to sit around and do nothing? Is the magazine really that good? Can anyone give me a good reason why we haven't throw this dated so called racket of an organization out the window and replaced with something that actually provides professional oversite to affiliated dropzones and is a advocate in our industries corner. Thoughts?
  4. I have come across a Adler 220-50-73. Dose anyone have insight on if this machine is able to do harness work. Also what is everyones take on Harness machines whats out there that is cost friendly and realtively maintence friendly. If you own one what do you own??
  5. Mr. Akers thank you for your insight, I have not contacted the manufacture as of yet. I will be doing so 1st thing in the morning. I wanted to post my finding here to get some input and to mabe i just wasn't seeing something but after making some phone calls and emailing some pictures around to some fellow master riggers. My assumption has been finalized as what I'm seeing is real and i will be contacting the Maufacture in the morning so we can figure the best course of action to remedy the situation Again i thank you for your insight and knowledge..
  6. Well call me crazy but i have packed and handled multiple hundreds of rigs New/Used of all shapes and forms. Recently I purchased a wings vision container and ordered the magnetic riser cover option.. My problem lies in the magnetic riser assembly its self. I believed in the beginning that when i packed my reserve my ears were to big creating to much bulk at the top of my reserve container, thus causing them not to close properly.. I have then repacked my reserve 4 times trying to get them to seat properly… not the problem. 2nd I thought it was that the new magnetic riser assembly was new and thought that the codora was new and needed to be broke in.. threw that out idea out the window as soon as i thought it. I am asking all manufactures, senior riggers, master riggers, DPRE to take a look at the photos attached and let me know if i have a manufacture defect on my hands because i have tried everything to make these work and have had no success. Problem lies in just dawning the gear and in the air, when i step out of the air craft in any position rear,middle,or front float position and in free fall they come open and I'm afraid of it being a snag hazard on object in and out of the aircraft. Any and all respectful comments and course of actions recommendations would be greatly appreciated. ADAM I tried to attach multiple photos and i have many showing the issue but they will not load at this time. If you would like to see them just give me your email address and i can send them i will also try to attach them later!!!
  7. I have been jumping at Skydive Mrytle Beach for the past two monthes and i can say AMAZING VIEW. The staff no matter who you are or what experience level will jump at the drop of a hat to answer, help, assist in any way possable. It has all the luxuries of a big turbine dropzone but when you walk in your treated like you have been jumping there for years!! A MUST if your travaling to the Myrtle Beach area to experience!!
  8. Hey Jerry really both questions pertain to my first post. I fortunately have been provided as whole rigging loft via the military and well venturing out of that world as a master rigger I feel it time to have my own fully functional loft where i can complete my work outside of those hours! Any information insight and points in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  9. So im searching for all information as i can get on picking up a full loft set up of sewing machines. All information is welcome. Looking for a Light, Medium, Heavy machine also a double needle and bartack. All advise and information sharred is greatly appriciated!!