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  1. I'm trying to find someone or a company who builds flags (U.S. Flag) 400 to 500 Square feet. Suggestions? Thanks.
  3. ThighMan

    Tonfly drill hole repair.

    A quick update. Sent an e-mail with the pictures to both Chutingstar and Tonfly. I also ordered a camera mount for the front of the helmet. Time to see what they both think.
  4. ThighMan

    GrellFab GoPro Mount Construction

    I have two different models (different profiles). They sell one that will house just the GoPro. To me, that is a cheapest looking and it is in price. That one basically holds the camera. I have one with the mount on the back so you can take the GoPro camera case, minus the back door and use it. Take a look at my set up.
  5. ThighMan

    Advice For Your First Hop and Pop

    Thank you.... I like it and you put it into words that EVERYONE can use and understand.... Great job.
  6. ThighMan

    Top 5 RSL myths

    I like the article. NOTE: I've had two cut-a-ways (1800 or so jumps) and both were spinning malfunctions. I have gone away from a RSL when I went to the elliptical canopy.
  7. ThighMan

    Perris Valley May 6-10th Ride?

    I should be getting in around that time also. I'm flying in from Tampa. I have a car rental already. If I miss you coming in, going out, I'm leaving the 11th. Drop me a line at and we'll work out the details.
  8. ThighMan

    Florida in April

    Z-hills has an event going on during that time. Check their websites and see what is happening. It also depends on which side of Florida you want to go to. East or West. Good drop zones on both sides. Patrick