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  1. GoGoGadget

    Wing loading

    1.1 until my new rig arrives then 1.23
  2. GoGoGadget

    USPA Revoking Memberships?

    Didn't Travis Pastrana get his membership revoked for his no rig stunt?
  3. Ok. Then allow your gear to be stolen by an irate land owner who feels entitled to your property for the inconvenience of having a strangers feet on his land. You do you buddy.
  4. So if you land off and the property owner wants to confiscate your $8k rig, you will hand it over and hope to get it back in a few months via the court system? You are acting like I am landing off and randomly attacking sweet innocent land owners. I merely said if the land owners acts the ass, I can too. I also said I support DZs doing something for the landowners to maintain good relations. Your reading comprehension is very selective.
  5. Find statutory or case law that allows a land owner to confiscate personal property of an individual, even one "trespassing". I also suspect you are mostly unaware of how the majority of trespassing laws are written or enforced.
  6. A land owner attempting to confiscate my personal property, or having me arrested for trespassing in that situation would result in a very interesting interaction. If I land off, I am very apologetic and diplomatic. I support a DZ fine system where off landings result in a $5-$10 drop in the fine jar that gets spent on the neighbors at Christmas in some fashion to keep up relations. But if they want to be an ass, I will rise to the challenge.
  7. Had to explain that to a guy my last trip to the DZ when my buddy was trying to be polite yet very firm about his displeasure with the guy making a 90deg turn in front of him while on final. He commented that he thought the lower jumper has the right of way. SMH. "I thought I had the Right of Way" makes a great epitaph.
  8. GoGoGadget

    Cookie G3 Roller Mount on a Bonehead Aero

    Something sticking that far out not flush to the helmet "looks" like a major snag hazard to me. YMMV. And no, the chin mount does not have a cutaway system. Grellfab figures that since BH has a quick release for the chinstrap, one is not needed. https://grellfab.com/product/gf3027-hero5session-on-bonehead-aero-adjust
  9. GoGoGadget

    Cookie G3 Roller Mount on a Bonehead Aero

    Great. Thanks. Love the helmet and been super happy with it by the way.
  10. GoGoGadget

    Cookie G3 Roller Mount on a Bonehead Aero

    I saw they offered one and would install it if you bought it along with the helmet but they don’t list it on their site as a stand alone purchase option or have any images of it.
  11. GoGoGadget

    Cookie G3 Roller Mount on a Bonehead Aero

    Thanks. I like that.
  12. GoGoGadget

    Cookie G3 Roller Mount on a Bonehead Aero

    Any reason the Cookie Roller Mount could not be mounted on top of a Bonehead Aero? The Grellfab chin mount looks like a major snag hazard and the Roller Mount looks like the most snag free mount for a GoPro.
  13. GoGoGadget

    Packing nuances

    So, we should or should not dick around with our canopies?
  14. GoGoGadget

    Altimeter Combos

    I just went from a cushion mount to mudflap mount. Under canopy it flops around when the chest strap loosens. The mudflap stays tight regardless.
  15. GoGoGadget

    Non-permanent marking of line attachment points

    My first canopy was a Pilot. I just replaced it with a Sabre2 and had a moment of worry that I would have a harder time sorting lines. None whatsoever. Everything lined up and fell in place naturally. The colored packing tabs really helped when I started packing after struggling with the student canopies where the lines looked like a bowl of spaghetti to a noob.