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  1. GoGoGadget

    Altimeter Combos

    I just went from a cushion mount to mudflap mount. Under canopy it flops around when the chest strap loosens. The mudflap stays tight regardless.
  2. GoGoGadget

    Non-permanent marking of line attachment points

    My first canopy was a Pilot. I just replaced it with a Sabre2 and had a moment of worry that I would have a harder time sorting lines. None whatsoever. Everything lined up and fell in place naturally. The colored packing tabs really helped when I started packing after struggling with the student canopies where the lines looked like a bowl of spaghetti to a noob.
  3. GoGoGadget

    How old is too old?

    I know Pluto is no longer considered a planet, but when did they change centuries from 100 years to 50 years?
  4. GoGoGadget

    Skydive Safari Namibia

    Looks awesome.
  5. GoGoGadget

    Exit Separation

    More importantly, what is that sign warning you about referencing a tank? Is a tank being airdropped after you? Are there free range tanks roaming the DZ?
  6. GoGoGadget

    Skydiving in Stuttgart, Germany

    I have not planned that far yet. Any recommendations?
  7. GoGoGadget

    Skydiving in Stuttgart, Germany

    I am going to be in Stuttgart Germany for 10 days in August. Can anyone give me info on jumping there. Google and the DZ locator give me place locations, but since I don't read or speak German, other than to order a beer, I am not getting info from their web pages. Searching threads here, I saw a mention of where Vigil AAD's were not allowed at one time there. Is that still the case? Thanks for any help.
  8. GoGoGadget

    A better way out of line twist!

    Wow. That looked stupid easy. I had a pretty good twist, about 2 1/2 - 3 revolutions, a few weeks ago. First in a while and first in a suit with booties. Just having the booties kept me from being able to kick as hard as I could in the past. I kicked for a while before I got any movement to untwist the lines.
  9. Yep. Good stuff too. I have a ballistic helmet with their upgrade kit. I was actually looking at their site yesterday to see what they offered that might work with my Bonehead Aero. I am going to contact them to see if I can send them the liner and have them cut foam panels in various thickness to the same template. Some people may take this as sarcasm but it's not, honest. Have you looked at Pro-Tec helmets? I'm not actually saying to get one, I don't know because I haven't seen any good evaluations of them and how well they work. They're considered novice, or maybe even nerd helmets. I wore one for years and lost it out the door of a 172 somewhere over West Virginia in the 80s, but if I were to go back to wearing a helmet I'd more than likely get one, or maybe get really hip and with it and get one of their half-shells. I was talking to my rigger about how I wrote "Warning: Newbie Jumper" on the back of my Pro-Tec when I got my A license. Being older when I started this, I did not want someone to confuse grey hair with experience in this sport. I wanted people to feel free to stop and correct me if it looked like I was about to do something less than wise. He replied, "Oh don't worry. As soon as they see you wearing a Pro-Tec, they will know you are a newbie." So yeah, I have one. And Oregon Aero makes an upgrade kit for it. But I prefer my full face for comfort and my audible stays in it easier.
  10. Yeah. Replaying it in my mind I would have been fine turning on my base, keeping an eye on them and as long as I turned on final before their final gets close to my base I would be well clear of them. I appreciate everyone's input. Thanks all.
  11. Yup. Left hand at SDO. I normally do my base over the hangar or preferably, just shy of it so I have the whole field under me for final. The two ahead of me went over the airport office building. Had I known they would go that far, I never would have followed. When I turned on final I startedf eyeing the grass between the hangar and the road coming in, but ended up between the hangar and that fenced in transformer/power station thing. Nice bruise on my ass from the manhole cover in the grass there.
  12. Sent my Bonehead Aero in to them to check it out and see what could be done. They installed a Zeta liner and ear cups made for a flight helmet. The Zeta liner fits decently and seems a bit more impact absorbent. But the earcups make it a little harder to get on and off. When I pulled the ear cups out and re-installing the OEM ear pieces, their was an overlap between them and the liner that created a hotspot that I think would quickly become very uncomfortable. I could cut the OEM earpieces down to fit the new liner, but decided it was not worth the cost for what little I was getting. The problem is that the shell is simply not large enough to have any significant impact protection between it and your skull. So I returned it to original spec and will be sending the Oregon Aero stuff back.
  13. Had a less than pleasant landing last weekend. I am 3rd in the pattern watching the two ahead of me on the downwind leg. They both go past where I would have turned in for my base leg. I am flying a lightly loaded Pilot 210 9cell. So I move slow which is good for a newb. I did not turn in on my base leg fearing I would be cutting across them when they turned in on their final. I really don't want to be THAT guy. So I went longer on my downwind than I wanted, following the number 2 canopy, but was a little high and thought I could make it work. I screwed myself in the process. I quickly realized that I was not going to be able to follow her all the way. My flight characteristics were greatly different and I was losing altitude. So I turned onto my base leg and made it a very short base leg and headed for the landing area. It looked like I was not going to make it back so I started looking at our nearby outs. I put it down in a tight spot right at the edge of the landing area. Got some turbulence as I was coming past the hangar so I was making course corrections all the way down and did not get a good flare. I slid it in on my butt which would have been no big deal except for the manhole cover that tore my hand up and left me a pretty good bruise on my hip. I screw up and get hurt, I can deal with that. I screw up and get someone else hurt, that is much harder to live with. Was my fear of cutting them off valid given vertical separation between the base leg and final leg? Should I have just turned in on my base and let them work around me if it came to it? Maybe I was other thinking it. I guess if I am on my base leg and see someone approaching on their final with an intercept course, I can just turn on my final and I will be ahead of them.
  14. Sounds about like the one at Zhills. I can't see it from jump run, but definietly can see it from a good ways up.