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  1. I'll just toss another vote for the Carve. I've got hundreds of jumps on them and are still one of my favorite suits for all types of flying you could imagine. Price wont make a difference if you don't enjoy flying it.
  2. maybe check the classified's section of this website and click on the section for aura1 will be hard to sell unless you basically give it away and even then..... Belt and Suspenders
  3. Yea I purchased mine through Jarno. I'm sure if you contacted him he would help you out or just contact atair directly. They have extremely good customer support. Trust me you wont be disappointed. Belt and Suspenders
  4. I have to second the post above me the WinX is an amazing canopy made by a base canopy mfg and it shows. Packs super duper small. It's all ZP and fun as hell to fly. I load mine (135) at 1.55 and its never failed me yet. I've had zero problem getting back from long sports. I've flown side by side with a P7 and it seems to glide better although we did have different wing loadings. I fly with someone who has an epicine 190 and he has no where near the same performance or glide as I do. He's landed off while I've made it back. I also have to say ZP will without question last longer than f111. I like the idea with it for opening characteristics and pack volume. With the WinX there isn't a need for the f111. It opens great!! Oh and I fly the winx with a Carve and a Strix and its the bees knees so get yourself one. (and its cheaper than the other f111 options that wont last as long) Belt and Suspenders
  5. I would agree its a bit tight but nothing outrageous. I also have 300+ jumps on mine so its probably a little softer than new but even new it packed pretty darn small. I was flying with someone on a similar sized P7 this weekend opening similar alt and they def sunk out a bit faster than I even though I'm slightly higher loaded. Belt and Suspenders
  6. It has to do with the construction methods I believe. Similar to how the flik was offered in an LV version for a while. Same material as the regular one just lighter lines and construction. I'm sure someone at atair can comment on this with more knowledge but it packs super small. You can also get it in a ultralight version that uses PN9 I believe for certain ribs or something to that effect and it packs 2 sizes smaller. If you haven't tried one or thought about one I suggest give it a run. Absolutely love the canopy Belt and Suspenders
  7. if your interested in trying something else I fly a winx 135 all zp from Atair. It packs the same size as a 120 opens and flies amazingly loaded at 1.6. I've never had any issues with openings or making it back from a long spot. Even surprised myself a few times. I'm pretty sure its also a fair bit cheaper than anything else on the market. Just figured I would throw that into the mix Belt and Suspenders
  8. Team flatspin (Acro Team) uses the sena at my local DZ and they love them. 2 flyers and a camera flyer all have them and the only complaint I've heard is that occasionally its hard to connect to each other. Side note I use them on my motorcycle all the time and love them. Belt and Suspenders
  9. deland or zhills Belt and Suspenders
  10. It's literally all over facebook if anyone wants to see it. I'll sum it up though. Cut away stupid stupid stupid low, slider is just about completely down with a fully inflated canopy when the feet touch the ground. Belt and Suspenders
  11. I'm looking to mount a flatlock to my mindwarp to be used as a camera helmet. I like that cookie sells the helmet adapter to fit the ozone/rok/etc and would like to get an adapter to fit my helmet. Anyone have an idea which would be the closest fit? I'm about to order a few and see which fits best. I'm not against having to shave a little here or there either. Belt and Suspenders
  12. Shit got real up in here. As for some info. I broke my clavicle last year and it healed a little wonky so its not perfectly aligned. I have had 0 problems with it on opening thus far and dont expect to have many problems. I wouldnt worry about it but thats just me Belt and Suspenders
  13. Good buddy of mine at the DZ had a nut under malfunction. Took a few minutes for him to find it on landing. He took the rest of the day off and always tightens his leg straps a bit more now. That and brings the boys to the front. Belt and Suspenders
  14. This reminds me a lot of an exit i was watching this weekend it involved a crazy italian and another gentleman. For some reason they couldn't decide which grippers to grab a hold of and had an interesting exit ;) Belt and Suspenders
  15. YEAAA Buddy!! I'm always there anyways looking forward to a kick ass weekend!! Belt and Suspenders