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  1. Big city rich kids are entitled to the sky. You and the rest of the peasants are keep around to watch our youtube videos.
  2. The phantom is a fog machine. Everyone complains about it. The only way to keep them from fogging is to drill enough holes in the visor that it feels like a open face or just bit the bullet and buy a G3. If it fogged up at 8k to the point in which you were blind. What did you do until pull time?
  3. I have thought the same. I make about 80k, and dream about cutting away. But the reality is that if you want to kill the hobby you love, do it for a living. It will be fun for a while, but then it won't be as much fun. Then it's fun but not as much fun as scuba that you can't afford to do any more. Then you have this huge gap in your resume to explain once you wake up and decide you want to make enough to retire some day. Don't fall for the whole skydiving is freedom and freedom is happiness. Fuck that hippy shit. Money = freedom & pussy & a dope RV to drive the the DZ in & health care for swooping accidents & tunnel time & not worrying how many jumps you can afford to make in a day. Make hay while the time is right. People who think otherwise grew up poor and have never tasted the good life. Make money fuck b!tches
  4. I am buying a new smaller container so that I look cooler and maybe people will like me. What would be the highest wing loading that you would feel comfortable with if you were unable to unstow your toggles and flare your reserve. (god forbid)
  5. Thanks Big Mike for the douche suggestion. I will look up in the sim for regulations on wearing force measuring equipment. I am sure it is right under the paragraph about wearing go pros. Logically, skydiving is so cheap that I have money in my pocket to burn on force measuring equipment. Yes I am recovering from a broken clavicle. It has been long enough since the injury that I am doing push and pull ups just fine. From what I have read on the internet, it only takes 10 pounds of pressure to break a clavicle. If I were to guess with out using force measuring equipment, there is more than 10 pounds of force on the majority of openings I have packed. In the three years in the sport, I have not heard of a clavicle break due to opening. Thus, I was wondering if the clavicle actually takes that much impact on opening.
  6. On opening how much impact is on your clavicle?