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  1. You guys can find someone else to back in to a corner and jump on anything they say in response. fyi, I got on the scales in full kit and come in just under the 1.4, I may have rounded up a little when filling in my profile as I wasn't anticipating this sort of thing. Maybe love was a strong word.
  2. I wrote that last comment knowing that whatever I wrote would get me a flaming. I still love this place.
  3. From my profile: Main: Pulse 210 ft² (1.24 lbs/ft²) Reserve: PD Reserve 176 ft² (1.48 lbs/ft²) I've been jumping at the above wingloadings since jump 30. And can tick the box for all the suggested things you need to be confident in doing before considering downsizing. I have Jumped a sabre 2 190 a few times already and felt comfortable under it. Edited to add; I thought I had a problem with no wind landings when I was jumping club kit (huge 290 student canopy) and it actually turned out that it was due to the lack of response a de-powered student canopy has rather than my technique, as soon as I got my own rig (as listed above) I had the no wind landing sorted, I love a no wind landing these days! I've also done canopy courses and conversed with instructors etc. I don't have mad skills though!
  4. There are plenty of jumpers with an exit weight in the 260-280 range. With a Stiletto they can enjoy an elliptical within the manufacturer's limits. Like me!
  5. Interesting thread, I have been toying with getting a 190 Stiletto in the near future, I've jumped a Sabre 2 190 a few times and flew it fine, I'm wondering how different the Stiletto would be?
  6. I did 15 mins of tunnel before my AFF and strolled through every level. I should probably have gone back to learn sitfly but decided to work it out on my own in the sky, probably cost me twice as much to get where I am now than if I'd got myself a coach and some tunnel time. Everyone has a PHd in hindsight! Remember that opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one!
  7. Thats my sort of landing area, I could hit that at least 50% of the time!
  8. Far more polite than I would have been Chuck. I have one tracking jump to my name and it resulted in a very low pull, if the OP's numbers are correct I am considerably more current but by my own admission lack mad skills. I'll work on tracking jumps after getting the other stuff right.
  9. Unless you're an unusual shape or size jump club/rental rigs until you're ready (meaning you're instructor/s are happy) to go to a canopy that has a bit of performance. I would suggest (this is what I have done) having a hybrid (they pack about a size smaller) main like a PD Pulse, this will mean that if you buy a container that takes a 190 down to a 170 for example you could put a 210 in it first whilst you earn your wings and then drop a couple of canopy sizes on the same container. I'll add something else, I have almost 100 jumps on my 210 and I'm comfortable landing it in any conditions, I had 3 demo jumps on a sabre2 190 about 30 jumps ago, flew it and landed it fine but still own and don't plan on changing my current canopy in the near future. All sizes in this are used as an example and are not me telling you what size canopy you need
  10. I like videos like this, they make me happy.
  11. Launched a good one yesterday, 3 way; 2 outside/1 inside each of us had our right hand on the chest strap of the person to our right leaving our left hand free. The reason for the left hand being free was for a quick game of rock/paper/scissors whilst coming down the hill followed by us all digging our right knee in and spinning until we cant hold it any longer. it went well until the knee turns managed to throw the smaller chap in our 3 way over the top of us and turned our flat jump into a bit of impromptu freefly!
  12. Keith I think you and I would make a good base, I fall like a homesick manhole cover! I normally jump from Caravans.