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  1. I don't have a way to demo the Barracuda. And we prefer a suit without grippers, so the Gnar Bird isn't an option for us. Just to be clear, we have tried Havoks and they work great for us, but we could get Barracudas for almost half the price and that's the reason I asked for opinions. You are talking about US Nationals, right? We are from Spain, so we probably won't be competing in US Nationals.
  2. That would also be interesting for me. I have tried a Funk, but didn't really like it. I feel like I can move more controlled and faster in a Havok. I have about 10 jumps and 2 hours of tunnel in a Havok and I really liked it. But we could get the Barracuda for a really good price and that's why I asked...
  3. Has anyone tried a Barracuda Freestyle and can compare it to the Havok Carve? We want to buy new Wingsuits for our Acrobatic Team and have to decide between the two.
  4. 1. Jumped a Storm 107 @ WL 1.6 for my first wingsuit jump. I borrowed it from my wingsuit instructor. My own canopy at that time was a Stiletto 135 and the Storm was the smallest canopy I ever jumped. Of course I had an off landing on the first jump. 2. First jump at a new dropzone. I jumped with a guy that had about 30 jumps and he wanted to get video of his opening. He was supposed to pull at 5000ft, but didn't. I gave him the pull signal and he finally pulled at 3000ft. I watched his canopy open, then turned and tracked as planned. Pulled my own main at about 1800... Had to land off and walk a few miles, because the dropzone staff didn't even notice that I was missing. Should have just tracked away instead of wanting to get his video...
  5. I have two cutaways with different rigs. The first had a D-ring reserve handle and the second had a reserve pillow. I preferred the D-ring, because it was much easier to locate(even though I was spinning on my back and couldn't see it at all.) Also, the pillow was quite hard to peel from the velcro. I didn't have an RSL for both cutaways and for the second one (broken lines, spinning, but not that fast) it took quite a while to get the reserve out. Also, I want my reserve handle to look and feel different from my cutaway pillow. My next rig will have a metal D-ring handle. Sorry for my bad English...