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  1. Unlike other reviews I found the staff to be very freindly, have good english and they were accomodating of foreign licences. I jumped with no problems just had to buy italian insurance. They operate with one PC6 aircraft and in my times jumping there I managed to get on 5+ loads in a day of jumping. It has a very large landing area and is suitable for inexperienced jumpers. They have a large selection of rental gear from 300-170 all quite new. Coffee machine on site and bar/cafe 2minutes walk away
  2. Looking to buy my first suit I can get a second hand phantom 3 at a good price that fits perfectly is it worth paying more to get a new phantom edge? What are the differences? Thanks Garry
  3. ah k thanks for the reply yeah the price differnce is crazy. I will be jumping in the usa at some point so went for an Icon.
  4. Hello, does any one jump an Avalon container? or know of any reviews? Thank you Garry.