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  1. Great thanks for clearing that up for me. By the way love the Atlas so far, super easy to use and navigate. Was a little unsure about going with a chargeable altimeter at firtst, but the battery charge lasts for more than a week with everyday use, and besides you can charge it on your way to the DZ, an excellent investment. Thanks!
  2. yes I am the alti reads 0.0 but at the bottom I am getting a negative number which changes throughout the day and reads anywhere from -90 ft to -150 ft
  3. Anyone have an Alti 2 - Atlas? When on the ground or on the main screen my Alti shows negative feet ie: (-90ft) and I was wondering if anyone can help me to understand what exactly this is? It does change throughout the day, and I am wondering if this has to do with the temperature in relation to the ground level?
  4. Thats what i thought thats for the clarification guys
  5. Does anyone know if you can plug ear buds into the optima 2
  6. Desert DZs like Eloy and Perris have lots of dust and grit for you to get all over your gear. Eloy have a little more grass than Perris, at least the last time I was in Perris. But you should also know and accept that you will not always land in the grass at either place. It is dangerous to get fixated on the idea that you need to. When those places get busy it can often be far safer to land slightly out. No doubt that dirt is so not good for the gear, thankfully I plan to be downsizing and will probably buy a fresh set of gear after the year of traveling. I couldnt agree more never get fixated on your plan and always have an out. Giver hell and have fun, but aquire the necessary skills to keep you health to jump another day.
  7. That's a good pace, did you cut away a job/school to jump full time? You betcha!!!!Smile Thanks, I have always wanted to get into the sport, but never lived close enough to do so. Figured if I didnt follow my dreams now, I would possibly grow old regretting that I never chased after it. So I am taking the next year to play catch up and learn as many disciplines as possibly, so I am going to try and bank as much tunnel time, jumps, and speedflying as I possibly can within a year. Not to be taken as one who is in a rush, I respect the sport with the upmost and will be taking everything as serious as necessary, but yes I am going for it.
  8. Awesome thanks everyone who has so far posted, ya I just got back from 10 days in Perris, not a place for students unless you like dirt, but now that im licensed and can use the grass maybe a different story. Hopefully its not 104 f in the winter months.
  9. i would be mostly interested in the usa and mexico as i live on the west coast of canada. I started jumping a month ago and currently have 60 jumps, and recently completed my B license. My goal is to bank over 200 jumps by the end of September & I should have my C license by the time the wet weather hits up here. My goal is to obtain 1000 jumps within a year, along with many a tunnel hours, more canopy courses and a whack of speed flying with Duane Hall. Dream big, stay focused, and work hard!
  10. Looking for suggestions on Drop Zones to visit this winter (october to may) which one could get in a lot of fun jumps (5+) on a daily basis. As well as your favorite boogies. Grassy landing areas with stable weather preferred All suggestions appreciated