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  1. Bignugget

    To get coached, or to not get coached.

    I approached it like swimming and golf. Could I learn to swim well without coaching? Probably. Could I learn to play golf well without coaching? Maybe. Are those good ideas? I didn't think so. Id go with (and have 6 hours of) coached tunnel. I couldn't imagine trying to teach myself, the learning curve would drive me insane. That being said, nearly $200 for 10 minutes of coaching, plus the tunnel time? That seems pretty steep, maybe call and see what kind of other deals they have. I pay $200/hour for a (world class) coach, so 5x that seems a bit steep. ETA: I just realized you were asking for EXPERT opinions. Mine is not expert, but it is an opinion.
  2. Bignugget

    Training with Ari.....

    sounds great, you won't be disappointed with Ari. I was at 17 jumps when I did 3 hours in Feb. Now I am at 60 jumps going back for another 3 hours this weekend. You will be on your back in no time, but you might find belly flying is just as fun....I pretty much am enjoying it all.
  3. Bignugget


  4. Bignugget

    Tunnel fun

    Amazing flying. I dream of being able to fly like this someday, literally its what I dream about when im sleeping. You really are livin' the dream ;][/cool]
  5. Hahahah, great thread. I am a serious noobie, 15 jumps. But, since I have been hanging at the DZ every possible open moment since I took my AFF class, I get to hear the tandems gearing up every time (its just a small 182 dz). Man it makes me laugh. Some of my favorites are "Did we patch all the holes in that one?" "Yea but we are out of duct tape now." hahahah or "Let me see if I can find one thats still working." rofl. Now I agree that good judgement must be used and I can say from my limited exp. it is at my DZ. From the TMs to the regular fun jumpers everyone has fun with the tandems that are having fun, and helps to reassure the nervous girl was in tears even before getting geared up.....she cried the entire time it was kinda funny, but no one was making jokes at her. I have mentioned that it seems awfully cruel to tease the noobies like that but it really seems to be lighthearted and meant to help relax the tandems. Personally I still tell others in the plane to relax and stuff, "Skydiving is fun!" its 99% for me though, to tell MYSELF to relax and have fun, just feels better to direct it at the guy with 500 jumps. Anyways great thread I loved reading it.