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  1. LOL thats brutal. I'd hate to have a premature opening at all let alone head down. I know this type unfortunately. Recently I was told by a guy he needs to leave the dz to jump with others in "his league" He has 160 odd jumps and 11 hours tunnel. Needs to leave the dz because he can fly on his head and others cannot lol. Serious. I honestly don't get the whole "your a pussy" thing. Its not cool, its supposed to be a community not an ego contest.
  2. Hey there, I am planning to to go and use the wind tunnel soon to better my freeflying and belly flying, it has really obvious benefits and is definitely worth the $$$. However I have noticed that some of the guys who have dumped a shitload of dollars in the tunnel have gained an undesired side effect. They become complete douche bags. Just curious if anyone here can shed some light on why a person with sub 200 jumps but 11+ hours tunnel suddenly turns into a massive sky god douche? I've noticed a steady increase in douche beggary around tunnel rats and i hope its not a sign of times to come. Seriously tunnel time doesn't equal skill under canopy, probably connected to why people with some tunnel time and bugger all jumps are so eager to get hold of a Kitanna or Valkyrie and start to swoop at barely over 100 jumps. I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on the issue because I don't know where these people came from. I've had some dumb ideas myself but just I'm curious about this. Cheers Blue ones
  3. Hey guys thanks for the info ill take it all on board. My exit weight is 98kg, not pounds, I was in a rush setting up the profile and diddnt set the right metric. I was told to ask on here by a mate at the dz. Cheers
  4. Hey there fellas, I am after some advice on downsizing. I hve a little over 150 jumps total, I am on a B license trhough the APF ( I jump mainly NSW and Vic in Australia). I downsized from a sabre 170 to a crossfire 150 about 60 jumps ago but I really feel ready to hit up a kitanna or a JVX. I am very confident wwith my canopy skills and I have a few hours tunnel time now.My ultimate goal is to specialize in freeflying and swooping, they seem to just go together really well. What do you guys think?