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  1. Andy_Copland

    kill-line pilot chutes for first jump students?

    At our DZ we have 280, 260, 240, 220 and 200 Navigators. None of them have kill line pilot chutes. I watched a guy progress from AFF to newly A licensed jumper, buy a rig and when he asked me to check it out i noticed his PC wasn't cocked as he had no idea how to do it. Thats no fault of his own in my opinion as he's doing what he was trained to do.
  2. Andy_Copland

    What Canopy to buy?

    I would personally go with either a 9..... or even a 7 cell parachute of the ZP variety. Hope this helps. Blue Skies Andy Copland S&TA
  3. Andy_Copland


    Become a packer.
  4. can it be two words? like "ground Rush" or one like "grommet"?
  5. Andy_Copland

    ANOTHER downsizing-thread..

    How many times have you stood it up in your last 10 jumps You know how i feel. I've expressed my opinion and know what you'll do.
  6. Andy_Copland

    What's it like?

    It feels like sex wee in my tidy whiteys
  7. Andy_Copland

    BASE oops?

    If i remember correctly the dude broke lines, other guy got stable and landed uneventfully. Its a great picture
  8. Andy_Copland

    Nitron 150 = slug in the air?

    Is there any difference between the Nitron and Nitro? I put a few jumps on a Nitro and found i liked it a whole lot more than the Sabre2. Sabre2 to me flew like a boat on toggles. Only thing i wanted was a longer recovery arc on the Nitro
  9. Andy_Copland

    what's the deal with packers in the US!?

    Are you passing judgment again on places you've never been to Chris?
  10. Andy_Copland

    Tunnel prior to AFF?

    Thats the instructors job to help you with in the air, might be tossing money away if you turn out to be a stable kinda guy. If you find you have problems then why not think about utilizing the tunnel? Edit: Not that it would ever hurt your AFF, but talk to your instructors about it if you do. Im thinking from a poor mans perspective
  11. Andy_Copland

    Base-jump goes wrong in Norway

    That news reader is the biggest plonker i've ever heard.
  12. Step 1: Pack Step 2: Jump Step 3: Pull
  13. Andy_Copland

    pull altitude for more advanced jumpers.

    Too many variables for me to vote. I've been on jumps where i pull at 3500, others below 2500. Just depends. Im happy saddling around the 2300ft range though, id say thats my average.
  14. Andy_Copland

    Katana baby...

    Tony, did you speak to your instructors first? I'm genuinely worried for your safety.
  15. Andy_Copland

    My new canopy!!!

    Im not fond of the sabre2 but i wont get into it and start a debate. Because at the end of the day, its all about looking cool and those are some sweeeeet colours