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  1. I did a search before I posted. I guess I should have broadened it to more than "blackout drunk tandem" lol
  2. So......... Get your buddy blackout drunk, then load him on the plane while he's still passed out and see what happens on the video?? I want this to be real so bad (mainly bc I'm not the TI). Don't burst my bubble.
  3. Brake fire... I stowed the brakes and then a packer packed it for me. I am guessing, unless he unstowed and restowed them improperly, that it just came loose on deployment.
  4. After an uneventful freefly skydive from about 10k out of a Cessna, this jump became a little more interesting. Tracked away and deployed in normal body position and then this happened....... Learn from other peoples EPs and always be prepared to execute your emergency procedures.
  5. I tried to jump there 2 years ago and they told me the same thing "Tandems only"
  6. What's your sexdrive like, no-homo? You could have low testosterone. Your test will naturally decline as you age, but if it dropped off too fast/ too early depression is one of the symptoms. Do your own research and check it out. It is a very treatable condition.
  7. Looking to sell the 129??? Its a Crossfire2 right?
  8. Why eat healthy, cut out all the crap, exercise (and not the oh I walked for 5 seconds and am sweating so I'll sit down kind), get plenty of sleep, strech and add some positivity to your life..... Bc according to the infomercials on right now you can just take a pill, not change a thing and get skinny. That's how it works right??
  9. well it's the end of the world in 2012 anyways, so why not continue jumping ? Agreed, lol
  10. I thought about it. I'm 6'1" about 180 and it fits me from the waist up, however the legs are about 4 inches too short. Plus I had custom embroidery done. So if there is someone out there who has a long torso and tiny legs with feet smaller than a women's size 7 (my rigger wears a 7 and she could barely squeeze her foot through) then they can have it. I sent the email. We'll see what happenes....
  11. Well if they don't get back to me by tomorrow, I am disputing the charge with my credit card company and Kurupee can SHOVE IT.
  12. I ordered a Kurupee freely suit on my last deployment and have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. Well it just got here and.... The suit looks great. I love the new high collar design and the stitching patters make me think it will be really durable. The problem is it showed up 2 weeks later than it was promised and doesn't fit! I was very careful when measuring to make sure everything was correct. I had some one else use the tape measure and took all the measurements twice. 1) I cant even get my foot through the ankle portion of the suit to try it on completely. 2) The legs are about 3 inches too short 3) I can't get anyone to call me or return any of my emails!! That's what's pissing me off the most. Ok, so you have a little sweatshop in South America making your products and they messed up, whatever, but call me the F back! Or at least answer your phone. Has anyone else ordered from them and had similar problems or does anyone know anyone there that could maybe shed some light on this. Thanks guys, Crash
  13. At Perris, they'll make you turn on the AAD on rental gear before you even leave the gear shop. My personal rule is to turn mine on (Cypres2) in the parking lot, before I lift my rig out of the car. Ditto for my audible. I know two highly experienced jumpers, each with thousands of jumps and one a former world champion, who were saved by AADs when they were injured too badly to pull any handles. There was also an instructor killed at Elsinore when he couldn't find his reserve handle after a cutaway - an AAD may or may not have saved him, but as his rig didn't have one, he never had that chance. In the old days, too many people went in with no pull for reasons known only to themselves. That almost never happens anymore. Arguments against using AADs are based on either a macho mentality, or a misguided cheapskate approach to economy. Sold! BTW: Anyone want to sell a used Cypress or Vigil?
  14. CRASH1

    Skydiver Help

    Done! I'm about to get home from my 3rd deployment this week and I leave in 3 weeks for another one, so I know what you're talking about. Good Luck!
  15. Even though jumping with you on the day you get your A, yields an empty wallet due to beer buying........ Have an awesome Birthday Bro!