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  1. Dam.. It will be available in December. I'll shoot the night 60-way in November
  2. Laszloimage

    Harlem Shake, Skydive addition

    That video is actually very funny. Thanks for sharing it!
  3. Laszloimage

    ringsight outdated?

    I don't think a ring sight (camera sight) is a fashion item of freefall photography. I think (actually I know) a sight is an important piece of the camera helmet/set up in order to have proper framing and composition.
  4. Laszloimage

    editing comparisons

    Thank you Spot! I liked the first one the best, it's the most "sophisticated" in my eyes. And I liked the second guy's dog fight idea...
  5. Laszloimage

    Back to older camcorders???

    Back to using older cameras again... :) Does the good old HC3 output uncompressed 4:2:2? Even if it's interlaced... How about CX100? The HC3 still seems to me better from the sensor aspect right? It would be great to use these older cameras in some low budget aerial projects with higher quality unitizing the BMD or the Ninja...
  6. Laszloimage

    Corporate/training video Q/A

    Thank you Spot! I'll check it out. I'm sure it's excellent and valuable as always... Laszlo
  7. Laszloimage

    5D users...

    Thank you for the info Spot!
  8. Laszloimage

    Canon C300PL

    Spot, I read about this new Canon C300PL right after its announcement. Based on the specs it seems to me it’s pretty similar to Sony’s FS100U The major difference is the Canon can record 50Mbps 4:2:2 onto a memory card vs. Sony’s 28Mbps. But apparently Sony is capable to record 4:4:4 onto an external device via HDMI. The price tag is lot better of Sony as well. But unfortunately I didn’t have a chance (yet) using any of these cameras, so all I see is the specs available on the internet. I’m sure your feed back and opinion of these cameras will be very valuable and appreciated when the time comes to make the right choice.
  9. Laszloimage

    Ham Radio ATV (video) gear

    I jump every week with a 900MHz 0.7W video transmitter providing air to ground (live video). You can buy even more powerful wireless video systems (transmitter and receiver) on ebay for $150. you just need to become an experinced jumper. 73's HA3TW
  10. Laszloimage

    Adapter for a Cameye to attach to cx150??

    I do make those adapters
  11. Laszloimage

    kodak v 705 laszlo mod

    I made about 1,200 jums with mine, but honestly I never used the burst mode. Certain light conditions I use exposure compensation one step (0.3) up or down and I normally use the flash. End of the day I shoot at ISO 200 this way the camera maintains descent shutter speed.
  12. Laszloimage

    "Tandem World"

    Awesome video, well made!
  13. Laszloimage

    Broadcast delivery formats/media

    Whatever the broadcasters/TV stations paying for... Seriously, my experince is they really not set up for AVCHD (yet). I would convert the video into HDV (MPEG2) and put it onto a disc as a data file.
  14. Laszloimage

    Sony Vegas Quality

    As you descibed the problem it seems to me you have saved (rendered) your project into a well compressed file format. The "ghostly" stuff is the sign of the very high compression (maybe some kind of internet file format). The skipping frames tellig me there are problems with the frame rate as well. The TRV18 captures NTSC 30i field order "A" video. Make sure you render your project with the same settings. Also make sure you chose MPEG-2 (for DVD) with at least 4000MBS constant data rate (6 or 8000 would be better though). I'm not using Vegas so I don't know the "exact clicks" in that software, but I'm sure if you find those setting I mentioned the froblem will be fixed. Ultimately as we know already DSE is the guru of Vegas (and other video stuff too) -Laszlo-
  15. Laszloimage

    Tonfly/CX7 side mounting opinions

    Tonfly, Rawa, and etc. helmets are basically free fly helmets with the option to mount a camera onto them. They are not real camera helmets for real camera work. The idea of these helmets coming from the time when Sony and came out with the PC series video cameras (and other manufactures too with similar design). The size and dimention of those cameras allowed to mount them on the side of the helmet. But those cameras are no more! As you see you bumped into a limitation already. I recommend to sell your helmet and get a full face one with big top platform instead (there are a few very good designs out there) which allows you to mount various camera equipment with less limitation. The CX7 "shake problem" is coming from its optical image stabilization. We have one person using it here the Ranch, he's ok with it. He has it mounted on the top without a box. Generally these cameras are ok for belly flying. When you start free flying with it (defenitelly sit flying) you gonna have more and more "jittery" issues. The CX12 perfoms better but still have the same problem because of the optical image stabilization. The real solution is the CX100 which has electronic stabiliztion (no floating lens element). For further info please read the camera forum regarding to the CX7/CX12/CX100.