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  1. I'm looking into requirements for video tandem jumpers(VT). I'm a Norwegian skydiver and in Norway we have some requirements that I would like to change. I know this is different around the world, but I would like to get inputs on what you belive the requirements should be. I would love to hear what your country og DZ is doing, wnd if you know; why. Requirements could be minimum number of jumps, training program etc In Norway this is the requirements for VT-license - c-license (200 jumps, required before jumping with camera) - minimum 50 jumps with camera filming RW - minimum 20 of these 50 filmed on level as a tandem would be - 20 films presented at a VT-seminar - VT seminar held by experienced VT jumper and instructor 1 that is or has been tandem master In my opinion things are in reverse order and does not ensure the safe and skillfull VT-jumper we want. I belive you should first attend some kind of seminar, then do some training while getting feedback and then do some examination jumps. Todays solution does not take the jumpers experience into account. A freeflyer with 1000 jumps and hundres of camerajumps will (in most cases) need less training than a inexperienced jumper just reaching 200 jumps. A belly flyer with 1000 bellyjumps and no camerajumps will also need another kind of training. The goal for the training should be to educate a safe VT-jumper that creates decent quality videos/photos. As a TM og VT, what have you done or seen that have been scary? Incidents or almost incidents? What could have been done to prevent this? In your opinion, what is VTs missing when they start filming tandems? Some kind of skills (jumping, camerawork, whatever), understanding of tandem, attitude? Harald Trondheim, Norway Please don't turn this into a discussion about payment for VTs, if this should be regulated by the USPA or DZ's or whatever;)
  2. This smells beer iGGy:p But still, the video is so good it's absolutely worth posting several times;) It just fucked up a meeting at my one was able to pay attention with it running in the background. Strange.
  3. My Dropzone/skydiving club owns a C-182. Twice a year we rent bigger planes (Twin Otter in easter and AN28 in fall) for one week. For the 2008 season we are hoping to get our hands on a turbine plane thats takes 8-12 jumpers to 13000 feet in as short periode of time as possible;) But, so far we've had no luck in locating a plane that we could rent for 2-3 weeks. Any1 have any suggestions? Because of the flying time the plane have to be loacated in or close to europe. The Dropzone is in Norway, and we hope to rent a plane for 2-3 weeks during the summer months. There might be som interest from other dropzones/skydiving clubs in our area to use the plane also - so renting for a couple months mye be a option. If you can help us, please post here or send me an e-mail at harald.kvande (@) or PM me. harald-
  4. Sounds like a good deal - and it is for sure a smooth and small camera that gives good quality on the film
  5. If they have big eyes or big hands....I always think it's nice to do what u said. I'm pretty sure a Tandem is a lot more than the freefall and canopyride....the little experience on the ground is important to....and I guess it generates some more passengers. But, I can understand you're getting bored answering the same q 10 times each day...I'm only i a total of 50 tandems, so talking with passengers that think I'm the most crazy person in the world is still fun;) ....hmm....50...from 3000 feet....damn Well, it's good to know the gear works in conditions I hopefully never need to try it.....
  6. Rain isn't the best conditions to jump in, but I guess really small an hard hail is the worst. But, you get used to jumping in all kind if weather if u live in Norway....if u don't accept doing 1500 feet jumps in rainy weather you'll never be a skydiver;) ....okey....we have a lot of great weather too, but sometimes I wish I lived elsewere.
  7. Thnx for the answers. Guess I can look forward to doing tandems out of either the Otter or the Pac then...althoung I must say I think I would like the Otter rather than the Pac.....and I guess the Pack rather than the c-182
  8. I know this has been discussed in other threads, but most of what I find is some months old....and not much about Tandems and what experience ppl have with the Pac. I'm wondering whats the + and - with jumping tandem out of the two planes...and wich one u would choose;) During our Easter Boogie at Skydive Oppdal (Norway, please come if u like:D) we usually have a Twin Otter, but this year it might be a Pac. Well, we can get either one of those...we just have to choose I guess.... I don't have many tandems on my back, and when I read something about the pac beeing just as "bad" as the c-182 I'm not sure that I wan't a Pac... So far I only have about 50 tandems - 20 from C-182, 20 from AN-28(Bak door) and 10 from Let 410(Side door - almost sam size as Otter I guess) Most of the jumps in the boogie are non Tandems thoug...but I don't wan't to do 30 tandems from a plane that sucks doing tandems from;) The plane has seats in the middle...or whatever u call it. Thanx for every reply and thoughts about this:)
  9. Man...HD.jpg was a NICE shot I love it when not all of the image is in focus. And the course the girl gives the shot a bit extra. What kind of lense did u use on this one? Attached: chopper exit elsinore and our new plane at SkydiveOppdal - Norway
  10. cool:D but do u have any pic's of the mounting in the canopy??
  11. I don't think my helmet moves that much. But what I do know, is that I have way to much work to do today - and right now I'm sitting with the hands on my head and doing stupid things with mye eye brows....grmf
  12. PC 350 side mounted on a optik - and 10d on the top
  13. Well, u got a lot of laptops with 7200 rpm disks now....whatevere u are going to use the laptop for - choose one with a 7200 disk - u woun't regret it. I just got a new Dell a couple of months ago, and I just love it - widescreen is perfect for videoediting. hasn't had a crash yet either..... But I guess it's just a mather of time....just like a reserve ride....
  14. Isn't this the "thing" about this forum? U wonder about a product - and ppl who likes it or hates it respnd. I have bought both my still and video cam based on ppl thoughts here.....and I guess I'm not the only one ....and next time I'm going to buy some skdiving stuff, I'll come back....