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  1. Cookie

    Full Face / Impact Rated Helmets

    Our M3 helmet open faced helmet has currently meet the certification standard of a new Skydiving Helmet Standard commissioned by the French Parachute Federation and AFNOR (French Government Standards) Test for Impact under conditioning -20C, +50C, Artifical Aging and Room Temp. 5.42m/s impact lees than 250G. Sames as Snow, Bike and Paragliding Drop heights Snag Resistant Test. Skydiving Related Roll Off Retention Coverage Quick release buckle 500N load one hand release Materials that contact your face are also tested to ensure that cannot cause injury. and a few other tests Dont be fooled about ABS plastic. We did this with ABS and EPP foam liner and helmet weight in XS-LG was around 600grams. XL-XXL 650gr We also keep the overall volume just like a Skydiving helmet should be. Close fitting With CE you need to reference standards tested to and a lot of other requirements including COP and REACH material certification. Markings on the product must show these standards along with Instruction manual and a Declaration of Conformity from the manufacturer to state it's compliance to EU regulations etc It is not a Fullface however we have learnt a lot in the process. To include a faceshield on a helmet it must also be tested to a set of standards also, there is a test for optics and for antifog coatings etc. Our G3 helmet visor does well. It passed an impact test from an Airsoft pellet at 192m/s . Falls within the optics and deformation catagories and passes the antifog coating test. The reason for me posting is to share some of our education processes in the working towards certified helmets. With out the French Government and FPF starting the process 4 years ago we would be know further advanced I hope there is some valuable information above for you to digest. I donot frequent this site often so please forgive me if I donot respond to any queries you may have. Cookie
  2. Cookie

    Top Mount For MXV with no liquid flat lock

    Hey Joel, Sure is mate! The small flat section was designed to mount your still camera directly to the helmet using a screw via the tripod hole. You could also install a generic UN quick shoe on this flat section. We also designed and built at carbon fibre topper that fits over the flat section and provides more real estate. We do not advertise these however we must have 50 or so of these in stock. The issue that the topper creates is an illusion that it sits high on the helmet when in fatc it sits flush on top of the MXV flat area. I am happy to answer any more question you have and can certainly direct you to industry people who have a combination of setups mounted on our helmets. Cookie
  3. Cookie

    Handicam glove for cx100

    Try asking the guys in the insrtuctors form. There is a lot of handycam chat there. Cookie
  4. Unfortunately due to the complex tooling required for our box and the cost involved to re-tool Iam sorry we have no plans to resize the box for the smaller battery. Our cage however has a size to suites the smaller battery. Cookie
  5. Cookie

    Camera boxes

    Our box dimensions are approximately L-140mm, W-70mm, H-65mm Cheers Cookie
  6. Cookie


    Hey DSE, What booth are you at?? C
  7. Cookie

    New Sidemounted Freefall Camera

    Nice one, We have been testing this camera for a few weeks now and it is getting jumped this weekend. It is a great little camera for side mounting. We have built a prototype mount for this camera and done a small production run to iron out any bugs. They will be available soon. Cookie
  8. Cookie

    PC1000 straps & cover question

    I suggest hot knifing of the strap, leaving the small d-ring attached to the camera. And with the plastic lanc cover you can remove it with a good sharp tug. Cheers Cookie [/url][url]
  9. Cookie

    Aussie Nationals Results

    Hey Ben, It was a fantastic hard fought comp with your team. I thought we were going to get thrashed after the first five rounds. It was a shame that we didn't get to share a few beers after it was all done. I personally really feel for you guys after your year long efforts. You truelly have a great team with excellent abilities. Donot get discouraged!!!!!!! by the results. Learn from the experience and you guys will be a future force to be reckoned with next time around. How was Airtite's outward show of emotion towards our scratch 4way team. The skins score was 10 to 0 to them so I brought them a slab for good measure. I hope you heal well over the next month, this will give you guys time to get your future plans together. Stay Safe Cookie
  10. Cookie

    It arrived, but DBox doesnt fit......

    Do you think it will fit with the strap removed?? With our Blackboxes, to keep the box as small as possible the strap must be removed for the box to accomodate the camera. All boxes would be 3/8"to 1/2" bigger if we made them to accomodate the camera with the wrist strap intact. Cookie
  11. Cookie

    HC40 - Top or Side Mount

    The HC40 is the same width as the PC109 and approximately 3/4inch longer. I personally would side mount it. If your worried about the weight or your openings then put it on the top. Cookie
  12. Cookie


    I purchased 8 units for our local skydiving community thinking that the new models would be cool. Well!! they will suddenly go off on the ground, beside the aircraft and at various times in freefall. In fact I had all 8 units in a bag and swung them around in the air whilst on the ground and they all went off. The dealer will not contact me, I have tried ringing them with no response, emailed them repeatedly. I have basically been screwed by Time Out tecnologies. The skydiving industry is small and this type of customer response is not warranted. Do not deal with this company or there faulty products!