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  1. Wow have topped me. I guess someone always has it harder..that is dedication if I have ever seen it!!!! Up High!!
  2. I have to drive 3 hours to jump, due to a good job I have. Is this all that bad. Can someone sympathize with me. Damn, I wish I lived closer..arrhghgghg.. Up High!!
  3. To all, I am extremely interested in spending the money for some pro coaching. Anyone have any past experience or heard any good news as to who has some bad ass coaching for some bad ass dealz..? All info and help extremely appreciated. Up High!!
  4. To All, thanks for the replies. Big helps.!!! Up High!!
  5. I was just wondering about this test. I know Olav and his little crew are in Italy somewhere, but what about us FF guys in the US that want to try our skills with the SpaceBall. I hope this makes any sense..? Up High!!
  6. Well said, this is someting that I have been waiting for for a long time. Lets hope it can see competition.. Up High!!
  7. Thank God hes done with SKydiving, poor bastard Up High!!
  8. So, November 11, 12, 13, and 14 are what we have been waiting for! At least for the military, that is. Anyone know what the requirments as far as what you need to present to the Army there that day. I know we all need AAD's, and proof of Military I.D. What else? Up High!!
  9. I have missed the past three Black and Gold meets and this year it looks as if I am going to be able to make it. Does anyone know what the dates are? That’s my biggest concern. I also have been told that we as military get to jump for free as fast as we can pack and get on the plane..? I hope that is a true rumor... If anyone has any details as to when it will take place and what will be going on there, and the benefits involved please PM me or let me know here if that’s cool, too. Thanks for all the help. Up High!!
  10. the pool is where I also do a lot of practicing. I have made A LOT OF MUSCLE MEMORY by the pools challenges. Its a great idea in my opinion. Up High!!
  11. Thanks for your help everyone. I hope I can wear some Gatorz on my face. They look too nice! Up High!!
  12. I am planning on buying a pair of Gatorz and I was wondering if they are ready to wear for jumping or do you need to modify them so you keep as much wind out of your eyes as possible? Also, do Gatorz normally keep the wind out of your eyes, or is it something to get used to. Any help is greatly welcomed.. Up High!!
  13. what's up man! Go with number 2, all the way. I like number 2 because it looks more busy than with number 1. I just bought my mirage and my colors are the same as yours, almost, but in a different scheme. Nice job bro. Good luck with your rig. I bet your pumped, huh? Up High!!