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  1. marks

    Valkyrie 67 demo first jumps

    Charlie, you still fly like a toggle monkey. Get in touch with me and let me know when your jumping and where. I will make a trip to come make some jumps with you. It's been a few years. Some people analyze everything their parachute does and others fly by the seat of their pants.
  2. Agreed. Excessive hunting is going to increase your chance of linetwists. The canopy is extremely hard to steer when the slider is stuck up at the top. Ian hell, quit trying to steer it, just enjoy the ride! it is a high performance canopy after all. they tend to throw you around more when you pay too much attention to them. just relax and let them hunt, they will eventually come back to where they belong.
  3. marks

    Skydive the Farm for Halloween

    there are runway lights at 4A4.
  4. I used to say the same thing. all the way up until I had about 1000 jumps.
  5. marks

    student help needed

    LOTS of experience!
  6. marks

    Texas Swoop Comps 2009

    Your answer goes both ways.... true, but think of it this way, do you want to compete or do you not? when I was competing i would find myself driving all day to get to a comp on the next day. how bad do you want it? also, dave is right, you could always organize your own comp. trust me, that job sucks. "if you build it, they will come"
  7. marks

    Texas Swoop Comps 2009

    thats what cars and gasoline are for.
  8. marks

    What Can We Do About Skyride II

    the funny part is, the instructor in the video you put up works at ASC now.
  9. marks

    What Can We Do About Skyride II

    I have personally witnessed some of those stories when I was at the farm. I have also personally witnessed the other stories when I was at ASC. everything POPS posted, I have seen happen, more than once.
  10. +1 I found that this was one of the hardest things for my brain to grasp when I was learning to swoop.
  11. marks

    Florida Canopy Piloting League

    when are you setting up al? I may come up there during the week. can't be there on the weekend though. nevermind, I see you will be headed up this weekend.
  12. depends on who your swimming with.