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  1. One thing is for sure.....Religion is by far the most controversial subject there is. There is no wonder a division exists between the believers and the non-believers. If someone would just post an accurate photo image of God, I think it would satisfy the curiosity and the controversy of all. Until I see it....I won't believe it. People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  2. The first load off at 6:08 a.m. Saturday. People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  3. Holiday Inn in Cedartown. About 12-15 minute drive. People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  4. Here is a novel idea for the so called believers: Explain the true and accurate existence of primal man that has been defined long before the "Jesus era" of 2011 years ago. Also, if everyone of the believers completely and totally refused to put another red cent into this mysterious belief......what would happen? Would the business and the fistful of delusions evaporate?? I don't know the answer...but, just stop throwing your money at your church and see. I would like all the churches with their creative little quips on the marquis to read...."Just bring money". That would be the real truth. People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  5. Hey everybody.....Be patient.....JC is coming to town Saturday the 21st of May. Why not wait and ask him the answers to all these questions? Get the answers directly from the horses mouth. If he doesn't show...then, go talk to the believers. See what their new take is on absenteeism. BTW, I understand he will be in Chicago bound for New Orleans. I'll be cooking chicken on the grill. Maybe he will bring some of that wicked ass wine by. Oh. One more thing. I saw some folks praying and looking up to the sky a few days ago. As I walked away.....I was thinking, if they pray 12 hours from now and look up, they will be 180 degrees out. So, are they actually looking down or up? Anyway you look at it, religion is confusing at best. Just bring money. Religion is also one of the wealthiest entities in the world. People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  6. Yeah but, Elvis didn't die on the cross....He died on the toilet. People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  7. Dunno....But, according to all hype in the news, he is gonna be here Saturday May 21st. You should ask him....I presume he will be on his way from Chicago bound for New Orleans. You may not see him in person. But, he'll see you just the same. People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  8. My hair. My ass. My sanity. In that order. People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  9. jumpoutnow


    Lets see here........ I did a Wikipedia search on Jesus Christ. Do it yourself and see if you fall into a coma of confusion. One thing that is quite interesting is the reported window of birth and the reported window of death. Simplistic basic beginning of life and end of life are easily determined by the majority of people that I know. Those two items are relatively common sense for even the most uneducated Afghanistani poppy farmer. Move forward about ~1485 years and lets have a round of applause for some cool cats out of Portugal to discover the Earth is actually {round}. With all the cataclysmic, evangelical, miraculous Biblical events, don't you think some lesser person would have actually already known this? This boat builder guy.......where did he find the meanest mofo on the planet to wrangle all those different species? I can't even see a guy wrestling one grizzly bear mama over to the boat, let alone getting daddy-o grizzly to come along. Especially for that long ass Atlantic swim. The appointed poo shoveler on the mystical cruise has always been my personal envy. A couple of things that are for sure: 1. If you choose to go the church of your choice.....bring money. Religion is the biggest financial institution in the {round} world. 2. Religion is always controversial. Always. Regardless, if you are a believer or a non-believer. Just ask your local religious affiliate if he/she agrees with the ways of another that is not of the same as theirs. 3. When you are dead......you are dead. I would ask some of those that are dearly departed. But, they are dead. And dead people don't have much to say. Later. People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  10. Complete with turbine aircraft and beach landings........ People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  11. Hey, Southeast people. Would you have any interest in a beach dropzone on the Florida panhandle? People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  12. Hans sez......He will be having a Farm Fest this year. People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  13. How many DZs in the US and abroad are flying a Cessna Caravan?? People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  14. The "fleet" consists of a -20 powered A90 King Air. The Farm has a Super Twin Otter year 'round. People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.
  15. Here is a novel idea.......at the next airport down the road from Waverly, TN.......There could be a Super Otter flying jumpers (on the same dates).....And I guarantee no skyride nor any of there supporters will be on the plane. Only good, honest people with no oddball attitudes will be allowed. This could happen!! And it just might!! People are crazy. Cuz there's more of 'em.