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  1. QuoteI shave my head in the shower, and haven't had a haircut in prolly 10 years. Quote Have you seen the Seinfeld episode where the dude who had always shaved his head realized that he was bald???? LMOL!!!! Must see! Peace, Jim B
  2. Etc. Yes . Peace, Jim B Trot em out, then. Will you pledge one dime per item I list to DAV.org ? Peace, Jim B
  3. Military men are too dumb to understand all this. Just go and obey orders! That's an order!!! So here is why we are in Afghanistan. It has nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden or the war on terra! This is a link to the Congressional record 1998. It's a long but interesting read if you are interested in the Truth . Note the Enron involvement . That entity would probably be still up an running if this bet had paid off. http://commdocs.house.gov/committees/intlrel/hfa48119.000/hfa48119_0.HTM Peace, Jim B
  4. An integral part of military operations? In that case, you have copies of manuals, orders, etc calling the enemy "gooks" or whatever, yes? Etc. Yes . Peace, Jim B
  5. Got a cite for that, or....Quote Yeah Right. The gooks, zipperheads, krouts, nips, sandniggers, towel heads. Anything to dehumanize the enemy in the eyes of those dumb GIs is the goal of the military. And once they are less than human the GI , as a superior being, has a moral right to bend them to his will . If they don't comply than he is morally correct in killing. That's how it goes. The fostering of racism is an integral part of military operations. Peace, Jim B
  6. Of course! Throughout my adult life I've been very careful to pay every penny in tax I owe and to file every form I'm required , by law,to file . How about you? Did you file fraudulently again? Peace, Jim B
  7. A quote from Dr Henry Kissinger , "Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy". I don't see what I would gain from attending such a gathering or casting before that group my pearls of wisdom. Recently I visited a slaughterhouse in Amarrillo, TX. Those cows travelled down the ramp in mass. It seemed to me as if they, as a group, knew what was the right thing to do.., Follow unthinkingly the one infront of you. Don't ask questions. Don't think for yourself. Follow the herd. I don't see much difference between the thought processes of military personelle and those cows. Interesting fact; Marine recruters aren't looking for people who can think for themselves but rather seek out those who are most likely to follow orders unquestioningly. They are also looking for people who are stupid enough to subscribe to racism. Yes , that's very true. The military wants people who are dumb enough to believe that by their race alone they are superior to the foe. Are you that stupid? Peace, Jim B
  8. [replyIt is a normal and expected function of the ego. It is difficult to overcome. Personal surrender is tough. That is why we need Jesus the Christ. Ron, Jesus' most important revelation is that we need no "savior". We need no priests. We don't need Jesus. We are free to have a direct and personal relationship with god who is us and our fellows wholly and individually. Peace and Travel with a light Heart, Jim B
  9. Basic training . What is that nowadays? Unwrapp your lollipop and suck it down without biting the stick? Weak and unprepared is what comes out of basic training in the last 20 years. They can't even best an enemy with no warplanes!!! Peace, Jim B
  10. You're so scary!! But back to these do nothin' for billons of dollars troops. They haven't got the job done . It wasn't insurmountable odds. My god we give them every possible weapon at their disposal and the enemy doesn't even have a tank. And they fail? After 10 long years they fail? Would you call them "winners"? Hey, maybe if we meet you should remind me to slap you back to reality. Peace, Jim B
  11. ah yes... it's a fucking spa trip isn't it. Quote Tell me this.., how much does it cost us to have a potato peeled in Afghanistan? Seems the army can't even feed themselves anymore. Those boys depend on their surrogate mommies to feed them now, the contractors. Peace, Jim B
  12. uh, it's Friday night, happy hour or drunk hour across the US. He's fucking with us. Let it go. Yesterday was Thursday and the day before that was Wednesday and still there was no advancement toward victory in Afghanistan! It's been 10 years !!!!! A decade !!! Against an enemy that doesn't even own a tank!!! If you all believe that it is the civilian leadership hamstringing the soldiers and not allowing them victory then you should be on the phone every fuckin' day giving your congressmen down the road. Are ya doin' that in support of your troops? I believe it's these guys are lazy and have known since elementary school that last place gets the same rewards as first place. But this is the real world and our military in Afghanistan are LOSERS! Peace, Jim B
  13. Blame the civilian leadership, now you owe the military personnel an apology. So be a decent enough human to realize it and make that apology. Bullshit! The "civilian leadership" isn't over there. Get the fuckin' job done ! Taco Bell and internet at base seems to me to be the problem. A cushy life for a *hero* who can't do the job! And they expect kudos? This self esteem thing in elementary school started about the time most of todays volunteer army were there , didn't it? Listen guys.., you're fuckin' losin the war . You are LOSERS!!! Hold your hand over your forhead and make that L sign! Loser!!!! Or get out of your bunk and go and achieve the objective!!! Peace, Jim B
  14. Thanks guys! It's been 10 years plus since we sent you over there and still the "greatest military in the world" hasn't been able to deliver a decisive victory in Afghanistan. We've given you all the best training that money can buy, incredible weaponry , financial support that rivals the annual budget of most nations and yet you can't deliver victory over an opponent that doesn't own one tank or any war planes? Really????? Yeah, Thanks a bunch guys! I can see you really studied hard and those training dollars were well spent. Bunch of welfare loafers suckin off the gov't tit! Peace, Jim B
  15. [replyI'm referring to every day court cases. We are guaranteed a 'fair' trial by a jury of our peers. The common language spoken in our courts, to the best of my knowledge is English. If, a jury member does not understand English, how can they be fair and impartial if, they do not understand what is being said? I understand your point Chuck but is our court system really based on English? I find it to be based on doublespeak and legaleze. I doubt many common man english speaking citizens could accurately interpret the law used in *our courts*. That is why the need for a lawyer(interpreter) is so important when you go to court. Mastery of the English language won't get you too far in court as most of the laws are a written attempt to confuse those who understand English. Peace, Jim B