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  1. I swear sometime during my life I have heard/read about a study that states that Happy people live longer.
  2. wayneflorida

    That bitch in Co.

    His house is about 14 miles (crow distance) from airport. Don't know if he had to remove wings for transport. Probably not because why remove wings, move airplane, put wings back on, remove wings, move back to airport, put wings back on. Stupid neighbor - "somebody is going to get hurt - really dangerous". I would put about six signs in the yard. You know the ones on fences at DZs. The ones that show spinning prop and the lopped off head.
  3. wayneflorida

    climb rate

    I kept times on 300 loads when we had a caravan last fall and spring. Times are tenths of minutes ie .37 is 22 seconds. 16.37 average takeoff to all jumpers exit. 4.19 average descent. 20.57 average takeoff to landing. 11.31 average number of jumpers 837.91 average climb rate. T/O to all jumpers exit. And Billy yes it is hot. Density altitude last Sunday was 2300' and field elevation is 120'
  4. wayneflorida

    This is pretty sad...

    Been a while since I posted this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe1a1wHxTyo Monty Python - Four Yorkshiremen
  5. OK, I'm going to play a game with y'all. Did she have shoes on?
  6. wayneflorida

    Is There a Concrete Finisher in the House?

    I would not have put the plastic down, no need because existing concrete is not going to absorb much water. Probably the concrete was way too wet when poured and not finished properly or poor concrete mix. Was this truck, bagged concrete mix, or self mixed? You can rent concrete floor sanders but you would have to seal the room off with plastic. Wetting the floor would help with the dust. With the small area I would just wire brush the floor.
  7. wayneflorida

    Why do you jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

    $55.00 a month, a long time ago.
  8. wayneflorida

    Woman sets petrol pump on fire in Jerusalem

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/israel/11571202/Woman-sets-petrol-pump-on-fire-in-Jerusalem.html#ooid=4xdGlzdDqv5ha6iB2O_5M4stEso1ZITi I guess we all have bad days.
  9. wayneflorida

    Anyone know the model and year?

    I think it is a 1954 chevy.
  10. wayneflorida

    Page 3 returns (kind of)

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2920913/Topless-pin-Sun-Page-3.html Would you wear a "No more page three" tee shirt?
  11. wayneflorida

    Idiot Wounds

    I found your problem!
  12. wayneflorida

    Circus tricked kids with dogs painted as pandas

    http://www.thelocal.it/20141223/circus-tricked-kids-with-dogs-painted-as-pandas I find this really funny.
  13. wayneflorida

    Airplane loses wing

    Fake? Could not be with Stevie Wonder as pilot.
  14. Normiss Skymama promise5 Rick Bunky Jon Wayneflorida
  15. wayneflorida

    A new era in College Football begins

    You really don't need Auburn to be that way!! Sad Miss. St. loss, wanted them in the playoffs.