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  1. wayneflorida

    New Twin Otter production increasing

    Good news. Means there will be a good supply of Skydiving Otters in 20-40 years.
  2. wayneflorida

    Skyfest 2011?

    I heard at Fitzgerald no Skyfest for 2011.
  3. wayneflorida

    riser strike

    Do a search. "Riser Strike"
  4. wayneflorida

    Listfranc fracture

    Please describe your out landing. Found this web page that refers to parachute jumping. http://www.gentili.net/footanklefracture1.asp?ID=149 A canadian at z-hills recently broke several metatarsals landing down wind on an out. I broke my little toe bone landing in the landing area on bridge day. I remembered how hard the packed gravel felt as I touched down on both feet. I'm sure I delayed a milisecond before doing my PLF, plus a little late on the flare. I asked my vet friend to x-ray my foot to see the extent of the injury. Little toe, clean inplace crack. He decided I did not have to be put down..
  5. wayneflorida

    Downsizing on a Javelin Oddyssey J1KL

    Call Sunpath and ask.
  6. wayneflorida

    William H. Tucker

    I give a farewell salute.
  7. wayneflorida

    Congrats to Two 101st Screaming Eagles

    Congratulations also. Even with 1500 sport jumps I guess you could say officially he is no longer a "leg". Former 82d ABN 71-72
  8. wayneflorida

    Need DZ to get back in air

    DZ near Pensacola, FL is Emerald Coast Skydiving Center located in Elberta Al. 20 miles or so from Pensacola.