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  1. Charlie, you still fly like a toggle monkey. Get in touch with me and let me know when your jumping and where. I will make a trip to come make some jumps with you. It's been a few years. Some people analyze everything their parachute does and others fly by the seat of their pants.
  2. I would go, but thats a bad night for me. if you guys were going tonight, I would be all in.
  3. I got the shirt, but would love the hoodie!.... trade ya!
  4. Amanda, PhreeZone is right, get a google voice number. you will be very happy with it. Im not sure if you need an invite still, but I just went to the website and they sent me an email the next day with an ivite to it. just google "google voice".
  5. Agreed. Excessive hunting is going to increase your chance of linetwists. The canopy is extremely hard to steer when the slider is stuck up at the top. Ian hell, quit trying to steer it, just enjoy the ride! it is a high performance canopy after all. they tend to throw you around more when you pay too much attention to them. just relax and let them hunt, they will eventually come back to where they belong.
  6. you need to use the carrier the phone was used on. or purchased from new. usually if you contact the carrier of the phone, they will give you the unlock codes for free. but not always. if you already have the code, or are trying to get the code, then you need to use Tmobile as the carrier if that is the carrier that the phone was bought new from. it is not illegal at all. if you own the phone you have every right to use it on whatever carrier you wish. if you have trouble getting an unlock code from Tmobile, you could try someone who has an account with them to call and tell them they have this extra phone they want to sell but they need the unlock code to sell it. they will likely give you the unlock code then. good luck!
  7. ridiculous. go to the dealership and get some plugs for your car. Mine come pre-measured when I buy them from the dealership specific to my car... so just pop them right in. ya, they "POP" right in!.. hahaha, you ever thought about selling cars? you would make a great salesman!
  8. If they are readily accessible, it is not a good deal. If they are not, it is a bad deal, but it is the fault of the manufacturer, not the service tech. most are not nowadays. give me the make, model, and engine size and I will look it up on ALLDATA. if you do not know what ALLDATA is, it is just another of one of those services I have to pay for along with the $150,000 of tools I have.
  9. Good question? look at this Original smog pumps decreased perfomance in that the pump was run by the engine. I believe the newer designs are a wash. One more example of why your paying so much for todays well trained (hopefully) auto mechs. These guys need to have knowlege and skills!! If you can't change the plugs yourself, Shut up and pay the Man!! I am one of those "WELL PAID" dealership auto technicians. I got to tell you, If I was not making the money I am making, you guys would be left with some $10 an hour techs that are not even worth that much money. It is me, that is able to teach them to help keep the cost's down. $300 bucks for plugs for most v6 engines these days is not a bad deal. if you dont like it, do it yourself. it is like having one of those $10 an hour techs doing it without the supervision of somone like me. when you fuck it up, come see me, I will charge you 3X as much to fix your fuckup. unelss, of course, your Thanatos340, then I will just stop by your house and tell you your being a paranoid bitch and that you should make me a sammich!
  10. I used to say the same thing. all the way up until I had about 1000 jumps.