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  1. I saw the movie last night and I really enjoyed it. Kruger was a real badass and I will never look at "Jan-Pierewiet", the song he sang, the same again. I saw a lot of parallels with what I see in SA at the moment and yes I see it every day when I drive to work past the shacks, similar to what was seen in district 9. Unfortunately you need to see and experience what these people actually go thorough in SA to really accept this movie. My 5c
  2. I found that when i do normal jumps with a regular rig and system, ie. no rds, my speeds don't reach high enough to activate a speed cypres hence why i jump one. Remember when you do a freefall you dont pack on 16 kgs of lead combined with an rds system, dress as fast as possible and try to break the sickest swoop. Yet on dedicated swoop jumps i do, so if i jump something that extreme i would switch it off. Rather be a bit gentler on normal jumps with it switched on.
  3. Try Rob Kruger, [email protected] or [email protected] He made swoop shorts for the whole South Africa team in 2008 and 2009, still using the 2009 version. Pants cost ZAR 1000, which is around $1100. Not as fancy as a deepseed version but a rigger can easily fix them when needs be
  4. Here is my solution. Sorry if my explanation is confusing Think of vector calculus. If we have a force that goes straight down and two forces at an equal angle then it stands to reason that the forces at angles will be equal, assuming you are in a neutral position. If I move forward, the angle on the rear will be less and the angle on the front riser will be more. What this means is that the rear risers gets more “force” but crucially the front riser get less “force” pitching the nose up. It works the same if you lean back, more pressure on the front riser, less pressure on the rear hence the nose pitches down. My 2c
  5. I have three questions that I hope someone on here can answer: 1) When I am spinning under canopy, how do I know when I have reached the canopy's terminal velocity, assume I am doing a hop&pop from altitude and i have no speed measuring device, so no paralog. 2&3) The second question is on the whip.The whip is that last 180/90 that you do at the end of the turn so 2) Why is it so important and 3) How does rotating fast help the canopy? Why can I not just slowly carve/ rotate on my whole turn? Thanks for any answers
  6. correct, nobody died in TMI, about 50 people died in Chernobyl
  7. Nuclear power is one of the only methods whereby other countries such as the African countries and small countries can have power and be semi-independent of other countries. I say semi-independent cause you still need the fuel. The main difference between between nuclear and oil is oil is concentrated in certain regions like the middle east. Uranium is very widely available and cheap, the new fuel thorium even more. A great example is China, they have no natural Uranium but plenty of Thoriun. And Thorium is cleaner and you cannot make a bomb with Thorium's product U-233. As to make it safer, I am currently studying High temperature reactors and these cannot explode like Japan's reactors nor can the core melt. It is a long explanation but shortly all decay heat is removed by natural means, eg the outside temperature and the design of the reactor itself. As for the piles of nuclear waste if we take all of the US's nuclear waste we will fill a rugby pitch 3m high. now lets exaggerate and say the world has 3 times as much, that is still only 9 m, and this is without reprocessing. Cut that by an average of 10% and I am still being conservative that is under 1m. 10% is the fission products the rest is depleted, useless uranium, for now. The major fears for nuclear in very wrong, kinda like peoples perception of skydiving, they all perceive skydiving as highly dangerous and we are all on some sort of suicide mission but we are not. Two last things, from 1969 to 2000 there has been 1119 incidents where more than 5 people have died in the fuel cycle in a coal fired plant, nuclear only has 1, Chernobyl, nobody died in Three mile island and no radiation came out. In Japan so far only 2 people have died that we know of so for nuclear to present day it is still 1. secondly as for alternative means of electricity generation, Wind is twice as expensive as nuclear and solar is upwards of 19 times more expensive for baseload power, oh and we cannot guarantee that you will have power. Now tell a politician that should be in his campaign. As for Japan, the reactors are still standing after a direct hit from the Tsunami, what caused the explosions, no idea, but the fact that that they have contained if for so long already with no power, I think they deserve a round of applause. And if anybody want the facts that I have mentioned above drop me a mail and i will send them to you.
  8. I have asbergers and i have been skydiving now for 10 years and I have 1700+ jumps. I do a lot of solo's so fortuanatly I like wingsuiting and canopy piloting as I can either Hop&pop or do a solo, I recently started coaching. Skydiving is a rush and the sensory overload only comes when there is bright light or in feefall and too much wind comes in and I can't hear my audible. in the plane i can get clautrophobic but that is skydiving so deal with it. Skydiving has given me friends in a very weird way in that skydiving is the great equilizer. Everybody teats me the same, no less no more. They allow me to be myself and accept my faults just like I have to accept their faults and things i don't like. Oh and I have told the people who i have known for a while about having AS but not my students and not new people, only those who I interact with regularly and trust.
  9. I personally use a number of things, I have an audible and a visual, during competition 2 audibles and a visual. I also use my eyes, cause if both my visual and audible fail then I do have a backup. Finally I try and do the same turn with the same amount of time from the same altitude, consistency.
  10. "For swoops landing into the wind fly a "J" pattern. For swoops landing downwind fly a "Z" pattern. In both cases you enter your pattern *upwind* of your initiation point. If you try to fly a "J" pattern (student pattern) for a downwind swoop you are going to have a very hard time judging it and you will often find yourself arriving at your initiation point too low because you are fighting the wind." I understand the J-pattern but can someone please explain the z-pattern
  11. Finally, a hardcore chick who has Asbergers, love it
  12. Here goes, why do you lose more altitude in a slow 360 than a fast 360. I was in a CP course over the weekend and one of the students asked this question and nobody had the answer.
  13. I bought the same risers and had the same problem with them. I realized this fault on the ground. Fortuatnatly and I also had a similar problem with another PD canopy on risers that struggled. Another jumper told me that PD's gromets can be smaller than usual and is therefor more difficult to place the slider behind my head. I fixed the problem by working the risers on the ground through the slider on Wed, and left them on the area where the loops are situated till friday, when i jumped on Sat with them they were still a bit difficult but I could move them relatively easily
  14. The new rules are due to be out at the end of the month (Feb)
  15. Hi All As you all know Super G is in ICU in a hospital in South Africa. I know a lot of messages get sent for him via e-mail to Jacqui Bruwer. If anybody wants to send him a message please pm me or post on this forum so I can print all this out for him tomorrow when I am going to go and visit him Blue skies and happy new year Oh and Ian if you have a better place to move this forum please do so, and gelukkige Kersfees vir jou en jou vrou en jou pragtigge dogterkie