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  1. padu

    Decision on the last jump?

    And... Airspeed lost it
  2. padu

    Learning the FS Dive Pool

    Hahaha... cool. Hybrid sequential
  3. padu

    Grip Switching

    I'm not sure if that's what you're asking, but the only thing I can think of is when your first point in a figure is not the one you're flying out of the aircraft. Then, to build the first real point from the figure that left the aircraft, you don't need total separation, you just need to switch grips if necessary...
  4. padu

    When is NSL comp calendar published?

    It should be out pretty soon I guess. I know that the main RW events this year are already defined right? Valentine's Meet: feb14 in Arizona Shamrock Showdown: mar20 in DeLand Nationals: oct12 in Spaceland Texas But I agree... it would be nice to know the local competition agenda as soon as possible
  5. I guess you're looking for this:
  6. woooot any details on the RW side of things?
  7. padu

    2008 POPS World Record Attempt

    6 more years and I could represent Brazil in that list
  8. padu

    4-way/RW history and milestones

    Very interesting questions... While I don't know the answer, with the advent of self-publishing houses such as and, it would be really great if someone would take the time to do a proper research and edit a book along the same lines...
  9. That's a really good question... I read the article yesterday, and seeing that the record industry is going after lyrics websites, it got me concerned. Where I used to work as a videoman, people would bring their own soundtracks (usually some van halen song), which under my understanding, doesn't free you from the copyright liability.
  10. padu

    Advice on canopy

    Wow! Not one soul.... Ok, a more black and white question: From the 4 sizes below, which one is the one that provides a similar lift to a stiletto 120 loaded as described above? velo 120, 111, 103(?), 96?
  11. One thing that SD lacks is public transportation, and the DZ is not that close from the airport. So, unless you know someone that can pick you up and take you there, the best option is renting a car. You could take a cab, but you will spend the same or even more. From the airport, take 5 south, then 54 east, then 805 south and then telegraph cannyon east. The latest turns into otay lakes road, where the DZ is located. Realy nice DZ with a twin otter waiting for you.
  12. padu

    Skydive Planner computer program....

    If you make a bullet list of the main features you'd like to have, maybe I'll design and create a new software. I've done one for myself years ago but somehow I lost it. I don't mind making it a freeware.