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  1. Congrats man!!! the only I can say. I did my first jump (military S/L from a C-130 during my national service) back on april 1999 at age 21 and I have since only 274 jumps (living in Greece is hard for a skydiver). I was lucky enough to met Chuck on Zhills (went there to get my coach rating) on february 2008 and had my best skydive ever...........a six way organised by Chuck..... Wish you all the best and safe landings for ever
  2. I stop here guys, If Robin said that Bonnie is a nice person that is enough for me. I am really sorry through that my friend will not make even one jump until Octomber, hoping that we have enough money until then to buy a new Cypres. Thanks also to Liketojump and other persons who tryied to explain to the rest of people that there is absolutely no risk for the seller, in a transaction via WU (or any money order) even this was not the case here.
  3. Ok man you are right, hands down, now go and ask liketojump I bought a cypres AAD from him 1 month ago via western union. Maybe he'll tell you if I am a scamer. Now, lets post it ONE MORE TIME!!!!!!!! In my first message to Gravity shop, I wrote Western union for immediately payment OR PLEASE ADVICE IF YOU PREFER OTHER METHOD OF PAYMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure that i'll post this 1 more time!!!!!
  4. Man, who can lost 1000nds of Dollars in western Union?? Sorry to ask but the seller will not ship anything if he don't get his money. Except if you ship your goods prior to get your money. Thats your problem if you are an idiota and made this type of aggrement with buyer. Also you are a moderator, so check my message box, to see if I am a scammer and how many times i've paid the sellers via western union. As for my posts deleting I didn't know that I must accept flaming in this forum without response!!!...
  5. Gravity Gear shop is rubbish, believe me. I never had any problem with any skydiving shop. I also hadn't got any benefit.... from this thread. I am just posting to protect American skydivers mostly. I've got negative emails through the years like "sorry, we don't ship overseas at the moment, thanks for the interest" NO problem at all, but Gravity gear shop is just full of crap....they must first learn how to deal gently with customers before improving their crap services.
  6. I never had any trouble. You are wrong and i didn't flame in anybody nad i don't accept anybody to flame to me.
  7. Gennerally you are correct but you miss things. No matter, lets say that Western Union is scam method(something totally incorrect). I just ask her to advice me of the method of payment she prefer, from my first message. She told me with 2 words We don't accept western union (must be the most gentle person I ever got a response). At that momment there were still AADs for sale. Then i send a new email repeating again to advice me what method she prefer.....and I got a reply " all units sold". still there were many units for sale. There is no excuse. Administrators and Moderators can check my mails. Now just for the record, I bought from USA (paying everytime with western union): 1. skydiving rig 2. 3 base rigs 3. Tons of accessories 4. Tons of race parts for my Honda All the time with no problem. By the way I bought from Dropzone classifieds a second hand cypres 1 month ago, from user liketojump......I paid him via Western Union, you can ask him if I am a scammer. Then was my cypres, now I was searching a cypres for my friend's rig..........i am one of very few riggers here in Greece and i must look for my friends' rigs as well. My friend will not jumping because of crappy costumer support from Gravity Gear shop. Many thanks
  8. You sound like a Big Fat Greek Douche I couldnt agree more. You sound like a BIG FAT yugoslavian GAY ASS with a sexy boy (skycamefalling) sucking on you. What a productive input through!!!
  9. You don't know a shit about how Western union works. Don't touch my country in your dirty mouth and stop sucking on bonnie.
  10. I mentioned in my mail that I'll cover all the shipping costs, then again: I ask her to advice what method she prefer. there is no excuse. if you are seller and you don't like Western union you don't BSing on customer.....you advice your method of payment.
  11. Yes you are correct, I mention Western union because is fast but then again I wrote in my mail: I am happy with any method of payment, just advice. I send this Message through dropzone.com so administrators, moderators can check it. There is absolutely no excuse.
  12. I really don't understand what the hell are you talking? If you find out what BS are you posting let me know.
  13. I'll continue posting and the readers of thread are those that will think about my credibility (on what I refer). Answers in your Questions. 1) There are many reasons and the main reason is that you can't find easy a second hand Cypres AAD. Shipping for a Cypres unit from States is very low. Dropzone classifieds are the best place to look. 2) I don't use credit card or paypal 3) then again the best place to find a second hand AAD is Dropzone classifieds. 4) For my experience you are right, they prefer bank wire transfer (no problem at all with this).
  14. cash is the best way, but I can't pay with cash as I am live like 10.000 miles away. In Paragear and Uspa sometimes I drop cash in the envelope and they accept it, but in this case I hadn't got time for this.
  15. Yes you are right. Nice that at least one person understand that there is no risk for the seller with Western Union.